An Intoxicated Wave of Religious Frenzy – Will it fizzle away in near future ?

The soul of India is spirituality , humanity and love since the time of lord Rama and even before.

If we look-over at  history  time to time religion has been misused by ruler’s  and ‘Dharam Guru’ both. And with it reaches at the level of creating extreme intolerance at  that time  true Dharma Guru  take birth in this country to show people the right path.We are proud of our civilization where  countless ‘Sat Guru’ has spread enlightenment .

But sadly now a days social media and television, under the influence of ruling party, has been propagating the religious ideology in aggressive and filthy manner( though religion was made by our Rishies so that human follow some discipline be in righteous and eventually grow spiritually) .

In today’s time it is difficult to decide who are the right Guru and who are the hypocrite. Hypocrisy always been part of our culture as we see the foundation of India chart Rahu placed in lagna . The most famous  and yet controversial Acharya  Rajnish  describe Indian hypocrite society very well without being  afraid of his time’s ruling  party and religious gurus .

As per astrology reason that this  phenomena started gaining momentum since the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in year 2013. Saturn is the Karaka of masses and Rahu is poison. The Indian masses are highly emotional as we can see the Moon in the foundation horoscope of India is in Cancer sign. Saturn the Karaka of masses was intoxicated with religious frenzy in year 2013-14 when Rahu joined it in Libra. This conjunction in transit took over the natal Jupiter of India   which is in Libra sign in the 6th house of confrontation.

Since  Saturn engrossed on Sagittarius on January  2017 this things get exploded . Inside a man there is both a God and a demon. The rules of religion should be  there to keep the demon of humankind calm. But this time some religious guru and political leader succeed to fetch the demon of humankind on the name of ‘lord Ram’ ,Rama is the symbol of courtesy and virtue  ,a man of value and morals misused by criminal minded people with the indirect  help of ruling party to divert attention  from the issue of development and unemployment.


But the irony of this it seems well educated people also get hypnotize only want to see one part of it .

Politics was always filthy since Mahabharat so there is nothing new in this time   . Leaders often interact with the gurus, so that their followers may become themselves on their side. Since Saturn in Sagittarius along with Rahu- ketu ,Saturn karka of common people and also 9th and 10th lord in India’s   foundation chart heavily afflicted this time so we see the result what are going on in India  not even less educated but also well educated people intoxicated with it .Any ideology appeal to us it easy to be favored to it,  but it is a prejudice to ignore the wrong,  law of karma not only effect individually but also effect particular society and country simultaneously.

Is that intoxication of religion of India will remain longer …

I hope so not

At present Jupiter the Karaka of Dharma is retrograde and Saturn the Karaka of masses is also retrograde. Soon they will join in Sagittarius the sign of war along with ketu India will witness dictatorship  . Later Jupiter   will be in conjunction with Saturn  in Capricorn this things happen every 20 years this is a law of universe to change the society as one of famous quote about it ‘that this word is playground watch it as spectator  ‘


When Jupiter in transit will reach the Aquarius, ahead of Saturn  which is the sign of Dharma and Saturn is its own Rashi the karaka of karma this combination will be made in ‘April 2021’  then some of general public will be able to come out of this religious frenzy and return to Indian spirituality.  In spirituality there are no room for hatred because it blocked the heart chakra and human journey to go upward will stop .

Now the different era of Indian society start now let us see ..

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”



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