Saturn-Ketu conjunction and looming danger of accidental death and violence in 2019.

As long as people use violence to combat violence, we will always have violence..
Violence, accidental death, natural disaster intolerance is increasing now. The deadly Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Dhanu rashi(Sagittarius) and a total lunar eclipse to follow on 17th of July is indicating fear of more mob violence and also religious riots. accidental death rate increase too,recently we heard lots of mass dath rate like children death in bihar so on. The incidents of mob lynching in the recent past is a serious concern and this situation will deteriorate further. It seems that people accept violence as a routine or a new normal  though they do not express their views against it until they are affected by it themselves.
Saturn is the signification of general public which is currently afflicted by Ketu.  Jupiter the significance of wisdom and finance also little afflicted will eventually get afflicted by Ketu-Saturn after 25th of October this year is indicating not only India will facing financial crisis but also corruption ,misuse of law and communal violence. The tensions between various countries will start accelerating from the last two months of this year particularly when a solar eclipse of 26th of December will fall in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) which is a war sign. We are heading for a war or trade war then a revolution as Saturn-Jupiter conjunction will first take place in Sagittarius and then in Capricorn which will create a change in the public opinion. When most of them realize  ultimately that radical violence can  obstruct the path of development.

In the foundation horoscope of India the Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Jupiter is running till December this year. Saturn and Ketu are transiting in the 8th house of mass deaths. The sub period of 8th lord is running at present. The total lunar eclipse of 17 July will fall in the 8th house of the foundation horoscope of India. This clearly shows mass deaths due to spread of an epidemic like Dengue, Malaria and viral fever. Recently in the month of May around 200 babies were died due to outbreak of encephalitis in Bihar. Now in the coming months some new kind of viral fever may spread resulting into deaths of many people. Ketu is Keeta or infectious virus which conjoined with Saturn the karaka of masses can give outbreak of an epidemic.

ultimately all human being wants peace ,health and prosperity .
so live and let live is for everyone

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