Deepavali Amavasya’s horoscope is showing signs of boom in the market for some time

Kartik Amavasaya 2019
28 October 2019, 09:08 hours at Delhi
In the Vrischik (scorpio) lagna horoscope of Kartik Amavasaya the three benefic planets Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in the lagna shows heavy trading for few days during Deepawali. Sun and Moon (luminaries) are in the 12th which is 10th and 9th house lords  of the Amavasya chart indicating some foreign investment help to regain the index . The 12th lord Venus along with 2nd lord Jupiter is in the lagan shows heavy buying around Deepwali and then selling to book profit all of a sudden.

Notice here the 2nd house of finance where Saturn is placed with malefic Ketu under the 4th aspect of Mars. This yoga shows India’s investments in defense related projects. So the stocks which are related with defense companies may rise due to this Saturn-Mars mutual aspect. This yoga also shows some improvement in infrastructure related stocks.

Although this positive index may not sustain longer  due to many reason  of coming Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) in November-December months.

The after effects of Demonetization and GST ‘s poor implementation are now clearly visible on India’s economy. The growth rate in the last quarter ended in September was just 5%. Despite BJP government giving huge incentive to the corporate sector  in form of tax relief there is not much sign of improvement.

As Jupiter is going to   ingress  into Sagittarius on the 5th of November  along with ketu and Saturn this may bring some upheavals in economy.  Jupiter holds the  signification of wisdom and prosperity ,country’s  economic condition and higher education  ect. It   will decrease the quality of these significations  due to its conjunction with malefic Ketu and Saturn.

I had predicted about this slowdown in economy much earlier on this blog on the basis of foundation horoscope of India. In this post i will discuss the ‘Kartik Amavasaya’ Kundali which is cast for the time of Amavasyaa on the day of Dipawali festival. This chart is very important for the trader community.

The overall situation of economy will not improve as Jupiter transiting in Sagittarius on the 5th of November will join Saturn and Ketu which will bring big changes. I will write on it in my next post.


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