Corona virus, natural disaster or China planned conspiracy

Corona virus , has China unleashed a well-planned conspiracy, and if not, how have Beijing and Shanghai been safe?

Corona virus started in the city of Wuhan in China, which caused havoc all over the world,
is this China’s planned conspiracy? In mid of the December 2019 
many people started getting pneumonia without any reason and it was seen that most of the people who are suffering from Wuhan seafood market which sell fish and also trade live wild  animals. Chinese scientists later identified a new breed of corona virus that was given the Covid-19 initial designation.
When the Chinese authorities initially disguised the outbreak as wrong, and they also punished the doctors who indicated danger. How China saved Beijing and Shanghai, but it initially hid from the world and allowed it to spread throughout the world. This makes China in doubt.

In the Capricorn lagna horoscope of China the conjunction of Ketu in the 9th house with 8th lord Sun and 6th lord Mercury indicate some big secret warfare strategy of China. 

Chart 1. Foundation Chart of China corona virus astrology
It is alleged that an effort is already being made by China to make biological weapons in Wuhan Lab, research is underway on bats and other species of animals.
Many such facts make China suspicious.
Eclipse horoscope has great importance in Indian astrology.
Sun and Jupiter are afflicted by Ketu and Rahu in the eclipse of 26 December 2019, which indicates the loss of human life.

Chart 2. Spanish Flue horoscope 28  December 1917

corona virus astrology

At the time of  the Spanish flu outbreak in Spain in 1918, Ketu, Jupiter, the Sun were conjoined at the time of an eclipse  fallen on 26/27 December 2017. The combination of Ketu, Jupiter and Sun was also formed at the time of eclipse on 26 December 2019.
But further 2 eclipses in June are indicating that the danger has not averted, perhaps it is indicating a big war. The war strategy of China will soon be exposed and then he is likely to get punished by world powers.

Chart 3. Solar Eclipse 26 December 2019 China

solar eclipse 26 December 2019The planetary positions indicate that the world is about to go through a deep economic crisis. The conjunction of Saturn Jupiter brings new changes in society and world order. 



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