Hidden treasure of your Horoscope or Kundali

If man gets to know his present and future, then he
will be ready to face the challenges that are already
coming. Let us know some important things related
to horoscope calculation.
Horoscope is not about prediction of marriage child
birth and career this is much more than this.
It is our balance sheet of past life deeds (‘Karmas’) provided by almighty. People never
thought that this is very miraculous
You may know your flaw and your stronger point as
per planetary position of birth horoscopes.
Show your past janmas Karmic account ,
accordingly there is a feeling of happiness and
sorrow in life as per running dasha .
God provide astrological knowledge To human
So he/she can may correct their Karma grow

Rishi Parashara is believed to have written the earliest known voluminous treatise on traditional astrology in his Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra which he received from Lord Brahma.


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