Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra, also called “Aldebaran,” is thought to be one of the brightest stars in the whole sky. ruled by “Brahma,” who represents the essence of creation. Rohini Nakshatra, which represents the essence of fertility, is shown by a cart pulled by two bullocks.

Rohini Nakshatra contains the essence of fertility, conception, growth, and development. people belonging to Rohini Nakshatra have charm and sexual appeal. With their attractive physical features and essential attractiveness, they rely more on gestures rather than words to turn a situation to their advantage.

traits of the people born under the birth star of Rohini include apparent calmness and gentleness. With an aura of stability and calmness internally.

They equally appreciate the beauty of life and decorative luxury. Thus, diligent and hardworking natives reap the benefits of creative ingenuity along with material success. Sensitivity and sensitivity towards emotions are also counted among the major behavioral qualities of such people.

This native is pragmatic but can be very hot-tempered and even violent when provoked.

Translation: The red one         Symbol: Chariot

Lord: Moon            Deity: Prajapati-lord of creation

Nature: The fixed or permanent (Dhruva)     Gana: Manav Gana (Human)

Constellation: 5                         Body Parashara: Eyes

Number: 4                    Letter: O, Va, Vi, vu          Lucky Stone: Pearl

Lucky Color: White     Lucky Numbers: 2

Element: Earth         Dosh: Kapha

Bird Name: Owl    Yoni/Animal Symbol: A Male Serpent (Sarpa)

Tree: Jamun

favourable activities– initiation of activities ,agriculture, trade, finance ,marriage ,self-improvement ,exploration and travel , construction, romance and sexuality ,purchasing jewellery vehicle garments.

unfavourable activities–  demolition, destruction

positive traits – lovely appearance ,charismatic ,good communicator and listener, inner strength ,affects other, strong public life, gentle manner ,smooth talker, Sharp, balance  mind, fixed in purpose ,does well financially .

negative traits – materialistic, take advantage of others through manipulation and deception ,sexually or sensually  indulgent ,critical of others, possessive of individuals or ideology, jealous ,overly sensitive ,changeable ,addictive and indecisive.


career interests -politics , authority positions, real estate ,restaurant and Hotel business, fashion designer, model and musicians.

The highly productive birth star signifies the quintessence of natural growth, sustenance and development. The redness associated with this birth star brings out its common characteristics of sentimentality and enthusiasm.Essentially creative, imaginative and talented; The question of personal gain or success usually depends on their ability to connect imagination with action.





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