How to judge and analyze the female horoscope

Trimasamsa and the Moon Chart
How to judge and analyze the female horoscope
Chandra Kundli is analyzed for both men and women, but in the case of women, it has a more important role.
In particular, this chart helps in the comprehension of women’s psychology and health.

We know only one part of the moon, the other part is always hidden.

Like the human mind, we only know about it from above, at the deep level, many times we do not understand ourselves, here Moon chart and Trimsamsa helps to understand the crux of personality The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits, and reactions, and our unconscious. 

Will the life we are living and what we have in mind be fulfilled, and if so, how will it be fulfilled, or will the mind’s desire not be fulfilled? The Moon is a mediator between the inner world and the outer world. While the Sun is rational, the Moon is irrational. Habitual behaviors and prejudices are ruled by the Moon. Prejudices may not be acted out, as our Sun may censor them, but the Moon rules our spontaneous reactions and feelings.

both the Lagna and the Moon even sign in the female horoscope, consider it Mahabhagya Yoga, according to sage Parasar, who mentions it in the chapter of ‘Strijatakam’ for women.
The woman will have a man-like mentality and temperament if both the Ascendant and the Moon are in the odd sign.

here we can see ascend lord and moon both in odd signs. venus in mercury Trimsansha and moon in Saturn Trimshansha

And if one of them is odd and one is even then it indicates mixed nature and results according to which one of them is more prominent (Lagna or Moon)

However, at this time the placement of either Ascendant and Moon in the odd zodiac is a boon because in today’s scenario women should have the fighting ability.

Why Does the Moon Chart Have a Greater Impact on Women Than It Does on Men?
Women experience depression, euphoria, and sadness more intensely than men
Women are still unable to publicly express their desires, and they remain hidden in the heart.

Since the Moon represents the water element, and Mars and the Moon control the menstrual cycle in women’s bodies, therefore, the Moon’s transit has a greater impact on women (on an emotional level). Women are more sensitive than men. Female characters are given preference in the Chandra and Trimsansha charts, which appear to be prejudiced. 

However, because this book was written thousands of years ago, we should interpret this in the context of the present era. Women born in Mars Trishasha, it is believed, are not good; they are rebellious, do not listen to others, and are self-reliant, which was not desirable in older times. 

And it has been observed that if Mars continues in a prominent position in a woman’s horoscope, she would do well in professional fields such as sports, law enforcement, the military, and real estate, etc.
The position of the Moon and Mars impacts a woman’s health; there is societal pressure on her, and her mood swings are more due to moon transit, which also affects her health. Mars represents energy and blood and is a factor of the ovum in a woman’s body. Mangal’s afflictions might cause a woman’s menstruation problems, as well as headaches and problems in childbirth too. 

The 7th from the moon chart also indicates spouse traits such as delay or early marriage spouse with like or compromise, sensuality, health, emotion, and so on.
The influence of Jupiter on the moon in the Moon chart, as well as the fact that the moon or ascendant Lord is in Jupiter’s Ttrimsansa,’ is thought to be the best position for women because Jupiter represents social norms, and women must adhere to all social norms (imposed by society), which is why it’s regarded as the best position, but Jupiter also indicates generosity.

Below the chart, we can see that Moon is in a Mars Trisansa, so both the charts indicate differently, we must analyze and interpret the female chart in today’s scenario.

Similarly, Mars Rashi and Venus Trisansa are not considered good; it is thought that she may become involved with another guy; nevertheless, in today’s context, we must consider that she will not conceal her sexual urge, but rather will express it openly. Because of this combination, she has a highly appealing personality and can pursue a career in the fashion sector.
Mercury Trishansha is also considered beneficial; it is believed that she can be skilled in a variety of areas and is good at communicating, but Saturn Trishansha is not. She can be a slave, yet in today’s world, we might think of her as a diligent worker. in this period of time.




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