Spectacular life

Some people not only have opulent charm, but also live opulent, drive opulent vehicles, are talented, and are well-known for their work.

Late Maharani Gayatri Devi Ji, one of the most beautiful women of her time, who lived with her terms and condition, opened a school for girls in Rajasthan and took initiative for their education, but what was her planetary condition and yoga was, that she got all the pleasures of life that the average person can only imagine and dream about.

Before I explain her chart, I’ll discuss a few parameters.

1. Some people are not very sharp or beautiful, but they have a grace about them that makes them beautiful; this is the effect of Venus on the ascendant or associate with the ascendant lord if the connection of Venus is strong; if weak Venus or afflicted Venus has an effect on the ascendant, the opposite condition occurs.

2. If Venus is associated with or in the 4th house, and the same combination occurs in d16, the individual is destined to have a good vehicle. If afflicted Venus manifests an issue through a vehicle, then some people may have a lot of money, but their Venus is weak, therefore they have an old automobile or vehicle, which is an indication of a weak Venus.

Strong association of Venus with the 4th house gives a good house and vehicle, while its relationship becomes afflicted, may even result in an accident or property dispute.

3. The relation of strong Venus in the fifth house gives the person artistic ability, but if not strong, it gives interest towards art and such a person has attractive lovers, but if Venus gets afflicted then their relationship may not be stable.

4. If the 7th lord is in the constellation of Venus, and Venus’s position in Navansh is excellent, such a person will undoubtedly find a lovely life mate; nevertheless, if Venus is afflicted, there will be a difficulty in the relationship when its Dasha Antardasha arrives.

5. When Venus’s relationship with the tenth house of the horoscope grows strong, and the same combination appears in the Dashamsha chart, he can work as a pilot, air hostess, restaurant owner, beautician, finance expert, or movie director, for example.

 So, folks here is a brief explanation of this significant house associated with Venus or PAC (Position, Aspect and Conjunction) link with Venus and what influence it has according to the house.

Here I am briefly analyzing the horoscope of Maharani Gayatri Devi Ji.

And all of the above parameters are used in her chart so that we can verify the authenticity of that parameter.

Ascendant  and Chathurshansha  chart

As we see Gemini ascendant and good raj yoga in the Ascendant house the first house gives splendid personality. She was one of the most beautiful women of her era. Jupiter Venus 2 auspicious planets in seventh place from Moon, create Mahabhagya Yoga means magnificent Raja Yoga

It was her love for the Maharaja of Jaipur, Jai Singh that changed her life forever. In her memoir, A Princess Remembers, she talks about how there was gossip as the news of a happy partnership between Jai and her got around. In fact, people warned her mother that life as a third Maharani would be tough.

We can see that the fifth and seventh house in the ascendant, therefore, with Venus as with the lord of the seventh house, not only provided a splendid splendidly personality but also gave a Rolls-Royal car, an elegant royal husband( And as we see In her seventh house, which represents the spouse’s characteristics and public image, the Moon is in Poorva Shada Nakshatra which is the constellation of Venus which is along with  Jupiter, indicating that she was born in a palace or royal family and has a royal personality. She was married to the royal personality person and the Raja of Rajasthan). lord of the tenth with Venus in the ascendant, she is also recognized by her work.

She continued to hold the seat from 1967-1971 as a member of the Swatantra Party, founded by C Rajagopalachari, running against the Indian National Congress Party.

Because all of the parameters I mentioned above are applicable in this chart, we can say that grace, beauty, talent, magnificence, and the merit of previous births are the perfections of human life.

Astrology helps you only when you know your strength and weakness in your chart and put extra effort to improve yourself with the help of astrology. here a short video about that topic.



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