Venus and Ketu conjunction and its effect

Venus will enter Scorpio on 2nd October and will remain till 30th  October.

The effect of the transit of planets is not only in the atmosphere, but it also subtly affects all of us.Because Venus represents high emotions and relationships, it is time to work on your relationship because the Venus Ketu conjunction can cause detachment in a relationship. Since Scorpio is the sign of change and transformation and hidden things, now is the moment to transform yourself, to think in greater terms than just luxury and pleasures, to give and take, and to take your relationship to the next level.As Ketu shows some past Karmic connections and Venus in Scorpio shows time to heal not only yourself but also work on that relationship so that it improves. Otherwise, it may cause detachment during this time more visible, more break up all this stuff as the dispositor of Scorpio Mars has a triangle with Rahu, Jupiter, and Saturn, so to reduce the negative impact on venus reduce by Japa and meditation.

There may be a conflict between libido and dispassion. And especially If your current Dasha 6-8 is from the 5th or 7th house  Try to avoid a conflict with your spouse or lover by working on yourself and taking care of your partner’s feelings.

Because Venus is the significator of the Sensex and currency, it will experience ups and downs during this time.

The Jupiter-Ketu conjunction in Navamsa, as well as other P.A.C (Position, aspect, conjunctions), increases the danger of infection and insect-borne diseases.

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