How to predict time for promotion or earning good money

Career success has become the most important concern for almost everyone in today’s society. The materialistic world in which we live

people based on their level of success and achievements in their profession. Many aspects of a horoscope can be used to judge professional growth astrologically. Although the 10th house defines ‘Karma’ in general, we see career from it aside from the 7th house (business), which is the 10th from the 10th house according to the ‘Bhavartha-Bhavam’ principal. Some key factors to consider when determining career success or failure are listed below.

If the Lagna and its lord are involved in good Raja Yoga, a native may achieve success in his chosen field of profession. If the native’s 10th house/lord has a P.A.C. (position, aspect, and conjunction) relationship with the 2nd (wealth), 6th (service), 11th (gains), 5th (education), and/or 9th (luck) houses/lords, he will have very good timely opportunities for career growth. If the native’s 7th house/lord is well connected with the 2nd, 11th, 5th, and/or 9th houses/lords, he or she may be successful in business.

All these parameters should be repeated in Navamsa and Dashansha charts. Navamsa shows the strength of the planets, Dashansha is your carrier map.

The Dhana Yogas and Raja Yogas are usually beneficial in achieving job success. For greater job advancement, a strong ‘Chandra Kundali’ and ‘Karakamsha Kundali’ are also essential. Some terrible yogas, such as ‘Kemadruma Yoga,’ ‘Shakata Yoga,’ ‘Daridra Yogas,’ ‘Dainya Yogas,’ and even ‘Sannyas Yoga’ can hinder the progress of the native.


At that time he had entered the Mahadasha of Mars and as we can see that Mars is not only the ‘lord’ of the tenth house but is also involved in good Raja Yoga and the 6th lord Moon is also Kendra from Mars.The lord of the sixth house, being in the seventh house, signifies service labour and also receives some Raja Yoga effects, as the fourth house is also considered the house of throne

.Jupiter, the second lord, is aspecting the Sun, the seventh lord, from the House of gaining the eleventh all the above parameters appropriate in this chart now we will check this combination in d-10 the Mars if the second and the 7th Lord placed in 11th house receiving the aspect of Jupiter and Jupiter and moon have a mutual aspect of moon ,which is the 10th Lord show the person get recognized by their work.

So, readers, we can see how the planetary combinations are related with the ‘Earth Triangle’ house in this chart and how, with the support of Lakshmi Sthan, a person’s job thrives and receives praise.




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