Magha Nakshatra [The throne]

Magha is a Sanskrit word that signifies “large” or “great.” Magha Nakshatra bestows royal and honorable places to its inhabitants, as the name suggests. It is a symbol of power, dominance, authoritative status, and high social regard. Magha Nakshatra people are thought to be natural-born leaders in their vocations. Ascendant and Moon’s constellations reveal the essence of one’s inner personality.

Because it is ruled by Pitris, the ancestors of the human race, rather than Devatas, Magha Nakshatra residents are intensely attached to their ancestral beliefs and traditions. Furthermore, because the devils govern the Nakshatra, the native is engrossed in the world’s material pleasures. This can be considered to be closely related to our own and our ancestors’ past actions. In Leo’s constellation, it is the brightest star. The word Magha means ‘Magnificent,’ and it is represented by a royal throne. Magha Nakshatra people can use their influence and position to achieve their utmost ambitions.

The glimpse of Magha

The native people are generous and have a lion-like demeanor. They have an inclination for ancestor worship and an interest in occult sciences. In the Leo sign, the Magha Nakshatra extends from 00°00′ to 13°20′ degrees.

Translation: Benevolent, bountiful, magnificent

Symbol: Royal Throne, Lord: Ketu

Controlling Planet: Ketu  Ruling Deity of Ketu: Ganesha

Deity: The Pitris-the Ancestral Fathers

Body – Parashara: Neck Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Leo & Virgo

Nature: Ugra; The Fierce or Severe  Ganas: Rakshasa (Demon)

Constellation: 5  Gender: Female

Dosha: Kapha  Element: Water

Lucky Color: Ivory/ Cream   Letter: Ma, Mi, Mu, Me

Lucky Stone: Cats Eye   Lucky Numbers: 10

Animal Symbol: Male Rat Bird Name: Male Eagle

Tree: Banyan Tree

favorable activities– ceremonious requiring pompousness and grandness, public performance, coronations, parades, award functions, researching lineage, career strategies, past practices, upgrading to higher status and possessions, religious activities, setting dispute, seeking favors from people in authority, researching genealogy, and exploring ancient knowledge, historical Studies, and Research, upgrading equipment, promotions, donating gifts.

unfavorable- activities –landing, servile activities, planning for the future, technological process and activities involving innovation Technology.

positive characteristics -clear, intelligent, many admires, positive, balance respectful to others, kind, help others, love life and parties, dependable, likes to be the owner of accomplishments, respectful of traditions, enjoys ceremonies, follows commands, does well when praised, enjoys being served and given attention.

Negative characteristics:  prejudiced, jealousy, severe nature, resentful, have a deep aversion for those who detest them or treat them with disrespect,  too high standard.

career interests -politician, lawyer, head of cooperation, actor, musicians, archaeologist, historian, lawyers, birth registry official, self-employed, managers.

Whenever the dominance of a constellation is said in a horoscope, it means that it is the Lagna Nakshatra, the Sun Nakshatra, the Moon Nakshatra or there are two or two in one Nakshatra. If more than 2 planets are located then understand that one constellation is dominant. Nakshatra is 13 degrees 20 minutes and if there are 2 planets in that radius then things related to that Nakshatra will become important in the life of the person. So if there are 2 or more than 2 planets in Magha then it can be said
These are people who always want to be in an authoritative position. Whatever may be the planet, the person will try to show authority with the things related to that planet.
They would love to be in the center of attraction or have the attention focused on them.

Main theam

Bharani is the lord of ancestors
Ancestors, Amavasya – Pitrus
Museums, Old, Antic things.
Genetic Disorders – Because connected to lineage, past life astrology.
Water is the past, and Fire is the future.
Inheritance, Property

Our Moon and Ascendant Nakshatras reveal our strengths and weaknesses, our true selves, and the essence of our personalities, and if we embrace its energy in accordance with their attributes, we can improve our life fortune and profession.

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