Conjunction of 5 planets and their positive and negative effects on us

There is a danger of war looming and  Tamsik[negative] energy in this time period, but this time is good for manifesting something new.

There is a conjunction of 5 planets on 27 February, though the Moon will only be there for 2.15 days, and Mercury will enter Aquarius on March 6, As a result, the time between now and then will be critical. Especially in March last, when Mars, Venus, and Saturn will be in close proximity in Dhanishta Nakshatra.

In astrology, Dhanishta is ruled by the planet Mars. The powers conferred by the Ashta Vasus (The deities which preside over Dhanishta are the Ashta Vasus: Agni, Prithvi, Vāyu, Varuna, Dyaus, Surya, Chandramas, and Dhruva)come in the domain of Lord Nataraja who is the main supreme deity of this Nakshatra.

Dhanishta expresses itself in a loud voice, just as the words originated from Shiva’s Damru. ‘Shiva’s tandava’ ends one thing and creates something new from it, just as the universe evolves.

As I mentioned in my previous article that Mars-Saturn conjunction will bring out some negative events.

For example, depending on which house these 5 planets are formed from our Lagna Kundli, that house will be very active; if we channel the energy of that house, it helps in our development. Astrology is only beneficial for those who want to change their day-to-day actions and improve their future.

As this combination of 5 planets is formed in the tenth house in the horoscope of Aries ascendant, it is time for the people of Aries ascendant to work with more dedication towards their career, and due to the combination of Mars, Venus, 7 and 8 lords.  it is appropriate to try to achieve harmony with your partner and to improve the relationship by avoiding conflicts during this time.


Since it is necessary for the people of Taurus Ascendant to settle the dispute and follow the rule, like the foundation chart of Taurus Ascendant India it is time to make firm laws and regulations.

For the people of Gemini ascendant, it is a good time for research or spiritual practice if they go on pilgrimage then it is good for them it will manifest something new for them and if not possible then it is time to learn new skills.


Cancer ascendant’s public life will be very active; at this time, there will be more concern about their public image, there may be a debate with partner or spouse, and some past relationships will also haunt them. Meditation and worship will be quite suitable for them.


This is a great time for Leo people’s public image because their work is being shown in public, but just as swans swim magnificently, there is a constant struggle underwater.


For the Virgo ascendant, this will be a time of mental turmoil, and they may feel as if they don’t have any of their own, or that some members of their family will become irritated, but if they keep their temper and focus on their work, they will achieve success in the future.

Ascendant Libra: Now is the moment to work on bringing peace to your household. This is an excellent moment to pick up new abilities; yes, you will feel restless at home for a while, but you should try to make peace with yourself and learn new skills. It will help you in improving your personality.


For Scorpio Ascendant natives, 5 planets are conjunct in your 3rd house during this time period, so many ideas will come to mind, but you will also be confused as to what you should do first, time to prioritize tasks, it will bring harmony to your home, and Jupiter will assist you in your career.


Some patterns may be broken for Sagittarius Ascendant, there may be problems in love life, it is a good time for study and career but be prepared for many obstacles, take care of yourself and the way you speak and eat.


Ascendant Capricorn Five planets are conjunct as if the universe is sending you a lot of energy to you; now is the time to utilize it and focus on yourself,  Spending time improving and learning new things that work for you will be the way to improve both your career and family harmony. Your talk will become more comprehensible.


This transit will enhance your personality, your words will show wisdom, and it will assist you in developing your public image; yet, numerous forms of anxieties will be tormented in your mind, and it may cause you to have a sleepless night. It’s a good idea to meditate or chant before going to bed; you need to look after your health.


People with the Pisces ascendant should pay attention to their health and discuss, seeing things in a larger context and ignoring small arguments. Now is the moment to start working on your long-term objective and making it a reality. Make a long-term strategy; it will assist you in achieving your goal, and if you keep trying with discipline, you will succeed; your 8th lord Venus is presently afflicting you. Avoid being irresponsibleKarma affects us both.

collectively and individually, as the people of Ukraine are affected by the collective result, and individually, it depends on our ongoing Dasha and conjunction with the 5 planets in which house of the horoscope


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