Krittika Nakshtra (penetrating ability)


People born under the Kritika Nakshatra have fiery personalities. The Sun is the ruling planet, which accounts for its fiery nature. However, it also represents the highest level of purification.

The constellation in which we are born has an effect on our psyche, and the quality of the constellation has a subtle effect somewhere in our nature and work.

A glimpse of Krittka Nakshtra

Krittika resides in  Taurus and Aries, according to Vedic astrology Because ‘Agni’ is the ruling deity, it is regarded as a source of power and energy. The name Kritika translates to ‘cutter,’ and the symbol resembles a sharp object.’ As a result, it can be said to be both constructive and destructive.

Krittika Nakshatra natives are always on the lookout for new information and adventures. They require physical activities to keep their minds active and alert.

Krittika Nakshatra’s friendly activities include Agni Puja Shuddhi, Leader, Executive, Cooking, Embroidery, Sewing, Cutting, Honesty, Drum Playing, Debating, and Extra-curricular Activities.

The nurturing and motherly qualities of Kritika Nakshatra are hidden behind their tough exterior.

Professional Interests – Teacher, Modeling, Fashion Designer, Military Career, Inventors, Discover, Excavators, Heads of State Organizations, Fire and Police Departments, Barbers, Butchers and Tailors, Arms Markets, Carpenters, Building Contractors, Metaphysics and Astronomers.

Krittika Nakshatra Characteristics

Krittika Nakshatra is distinguished by its keen ability to identify and trace. Any flaw that stands in the way of success is scrutinized in people born under the Krutika Nakshatra.

Krittika Nakshatra’s cosmic location is also responsible for its innate ability to transcend the realm of material energy.

Personality traits of those born under the Kritika birth star include an emphasis on perfection and a subtle sense of understanding. People born under this Nakshatra are generally intolerant of flaws and shortcomings, and they have a blunt straight personality.

This fiery element is reflected in their fiery nature when agitated. Their rage or anger is usually slowly fading away. Because of the Nakshatra’s cosmic location, natives ruled by Kritika Nakshatra are prone to spiritual transformation, with the need for purification and the breaking of material bonds.

Natives born under the patronizing influence of Krutika Nakshatra typically exhibit a mixture of sternness and affection in their behavioral characteristics, with their harsh exterior concealing the innate feminine characteristics of warmth, care, and protection. They are essentially caring and protective by nature, and their social interactions are full of warmth and vivacity. They are effective at eliminating a wide range of infestations due to their sharply intimidating behavioral characteristics. In their intimidating power and support, people seek refuge and protection. They demonstrate exceptional reasoning and argumentation abilities.

People born under the Krutika Nakshatra have qualities such as honesty, sincerity, and an innate ability to gain trust and respect from those around them. Other positive characteristics include their protective abilities, independence, fierce determination, and emphasis on security. They work extremely hard and put in a lot of effort.

One of their major flaws is their uncontrolled clarity and fault-finding tendency. Because of their truthfulness, they can become socially unpopular and the target of negative criticism. Their outward display of anger and lack of diplomacy is also considered negative characteristics. They are sometimes unable to adapt to the changing needs of the times.

Krittika Nakshatra compatibility and incompatibility

the Krutika Nakshatra instinctively influences the Pushya Nakshatra with its male counterpart. The Nakshatras, Chitra, Vishakha, Dhanishta, and Purva Bhadrapada are considered to be incompatible  It is worth noting that the sheep symbolizing the Kritika constellation is essentially hostile to the tiger, and the lion symbolizes the list of incompatible constellations.

On the basis of this principle, male and female buffaloes distinguished by Swati and Hasta nakshatras are compatible with Kritika.

Translation: The Cutter

Symbol: Razor, Axe, or Flame Controlling Planet: Sun

Deity: Agni – Fire Body – Parashara: Eyebrows

Rashi / Zodiac Sign: Aries & Taurus Sign

Nature: The Sharp and Soft (Mixed) Ganas: Rakshasa (Demon)

Constellation: 6 Gender: Female

Dosha: Kapha Element: Earth

Lucky Color: White Letter: Ah, Ee, Oo, Ay

Lucky Stone: Ruby Lucky Numbers: 1 & 3

Animal Symbol: Female Sheep Bird Name: Peacock

Tree: Fig


Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is also linked with the Kritika Nakshatra. The demon Tarakasura was killed by Kartikeya, who was the only one capable of doing so because he had been cursed to die if anyone younger than six days old killed him. Six days old Kartikeya already possessed all the necessary traits to battle and ultimately destroy the demon Tarakasura.

Favorable for Fire Worship, Purification, Leaders, Executives, Cooking, Embroidery, Sewing, Shaving, Cutting, Honesty, Frankness, Drumming, Debates, and Extracurricular Activities
Unfavorable for Social Interactions, Diplomacy, Relaxation, Rest, and Activities involving Water

core facts adultery and unlawful affairs, Cooking, digestion, and eating habits
Foster care and surrogacy, abandoned and illegitimate children


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