Ardra Pravesh Kundali – Forecasting South-West Monsoon 2022

South West Monsoon has officially entered Kerala state on the 29th of May 2022. However, it is the end of the first week of June and the progress of rainfall is still very slow. There has been concern from some quarters regarding the quantity and timings of rainfall which is highly important for the farmers. The sowing of Kharif crops (monsoon crops) has begun and a good rainfall is a must for a better harvest. The horoscope of the Sun’s entry into Ardra Nakshatra is studied for the quantity and quality of monsoon rainfall during the months of the June to September season. Sun enters into Ardra Nakshatra around 21/22 June every year. The placement of the Moon is very crucial in the Ardra Pravesh horoscope as it should not be in the dry sign and under affliction by malefic planets. In Astro meteorology  Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon are watery planets. While Saturn, Mars, Sun, and Ketu are dry in nature. Among Rashi’s Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces are the full watery signs. These signs and planets are studied in Ardra Pravesh of the Sun’s horoscope.

After this, we study the planetary movement in transit with respect to the official dates of monsoon in the country. If malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars are ahead of Sun in transit then a delay in monsoon may happen. On the other hand, benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury) ahead or behind Sun are good for timely or early monsoon.

South West Monsoon official entry map

The above given is the South-West Monsoon official entry map. Now we can see the planetary movement to forecast rain in various parts of the country on the basis of expected dates of reaching monsoon there.

Ardra Pravesh Kundali 2022

Ardra Pravesh Kundali 2022


Sun enters into Ardra Nakshatra around 21/22 June every year. In the horoscope of the Sun’s entry into Adra Nakshatra, we see if there will be sufficient rain during the monsoon season or not? The position of the Sun and Moon has lots of importance in this chart along with watery planets Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus.

Jupiter Mars in Ardra Pravesh chart and Moon in Pisces shows a good sign for sufficient rain, the rain started in the first week of June but then stopped which raises some concern of less monsoon as the monsoon crop is dependent on rain But Ardra Pravesh chart shows some good omen But it also shows erratic monsoon as the watery planet Jupiter moved into Libra sign with the dry planet Saturn but as Jupiter moves into Scorpio sign Navamsa can bring heavy rain. mercury venus in Taurus and goes Aquarius Taurus respectively in navamsa show positive for rain. In the first week of August, there may be some damage due to heavy rains.Overall, Ardra entry chart showing signs of sufficient rain

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