Mars and Saturn have been triangles of each other for a long time,what they will bring to us?

What Mars and Saturn will provide to us as a whole and as individuals has long formed a triangle with their own respective motions.

Since Mars and Saturn are in Taurus and Capricorn, respectively, while Venus, the Sun, and Mercury are all in Virgo, there are magnetic effects between the five-planet in Earth Triangles, similar like the Bermuda Triangle, which draws certain things to Earth from the cosmos. There are certain advantages and disadvantages. This astrological alignment of the planets has far-reaching effects on humankind as a whole and each person of it.

Recently on the 18th and 22nd of September respectively Taiwan and Mexico City were struck by earthquakes of more than 6.7 at the rector scale due to the above mention effects of planets transiting from the earthy signs Virgo and Capricorn.

And Jupiter in Pisces also gives its energy to Virgo, so what are the collective and individual effects, and what is the effect on India as India has Taurus Ascendant.

predictions about General Elections in 2019

I’ll go over each one separately.

  The positive and negative impact of this transit (Short)

During this time, the more pragmatic approach focuses mostly on the individual’s energy to create more and more stable wealth, which can even make some people more greedy depending on their planetary position.

However, because of the two malefic influences in the earthly signs, disasters like floods, earthquakes, wars, and stock market volatility are more likely to occur.

However, Mars will remain in Taurus for a long time, so the influence of Mars and Saturn in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will remain for a long time.

Mars remains in Rashi for 45 days, however, while retrograde it lingers for 5 months. Mars entered Taurus on August 10th  and Gemini on October 16th. Mars will turn retrograde on October 30th  and enter Taurus on November 13th. Mars will turn direct on January 12th  and enter Gemini on March 12th. Mars will be in Taurus for 5 months, influencing the ascendant of the foundation horoscope of India given above.

The gross domestic product (GDP) of certain countries has already begun to decline, while others are currently through a recession that may touch everyone, in addition to a large decrease in the stock market that we may be witnessing especially after mid-October 2022.

Europe is undergoing an economic recession-like situation ever since the Russia-Ukraine war started on the 24th of February this year when Saturn entered into Dhanishta Nakshatra in Makar Rashi.

Europe Recession Report 

Mars transiting over Rahu in the ascendant and Saturn transiting over the 9th house huge impact on Virgo in the 5th house of India, indicating that the government is making tough decisions to regain India’s prior glory.

This combination will bring bigotry to India and some new rules and regulations will be made.

A recent phenomenon in Iran is that women resist the hijab because of the transit of Mars over the Moon, and the transit of Saturn in the seventh house from the horoscope of the Iran Republic. Venus afflicted by Saturn and Rahu Ketu in the birth chart does not show much hope for women in Iran as per its Cancer Lagna horoscope we have with us.

Foundation Horoscope of Iran

The presence of Mars, Sun, and Mercury in the ninth house, Saturn, and Rahu in the second house indicates religious fanaticism. Both the auspicious planets Venus and Moon are in affliction in Iran’s natal chart. The upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th of November 2022 may ignite more religious violence in Iran as per our analysis of Its foundation horoscope.



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