Venus in Scorpio (sign of the deepest desire for intimacy)

Venus is thought to have a hard time in Scorpio, which is a sign in astrology. Scorpio isn’t interested in what’s on the surface. Instead, he or she wants to find love that goes deeper. The Scorpion is interested in getting to the bottom of things like power, fear, sexuality, and desire. Because they care more about depth and closeness, you need to be with them for a long time. When Venus is in this sign, love can become obsessive, causing us to focus our entire attention on heart-related issues.

Venus is the ruler of love and all that mushy, fluttery feeling you might get.

Venus exposes the shadow side of love, the part we prefer not to think about despite how much we want to believe in the romantic ideal. We anticipate financial success and a successful aesthetic test, but our fortune will ultimately be determined by a different horoscope configuration.

Love, beauty, and the appreciation of fine art all fall under Venus’s sphere of influence in your natal chart. Your relationship with money, sexual desire, and other tangible belongings is a reflection of Venus’s meaning for you. Venus is a planet dedicated to sensual enjoyment, so it makes it easy as it gets its way.

Venus in Scorpio has a tendency to be too hard on themselves. They take the best experience is not making demands, even if they have extensive wants and needs. You have to love the tease to love a Venus in Scorpio. It’s about teasing people’s appetites with a small taste of what you’re offering before you go all in.

Wanting things is a symptom of having Venus in Scorpio. Having a strong desire for something can be really scary. Experiencing the weight of people’s yearning can be so scary that it may be preferable to corrupt the very thing they so much want.

When Venus is in Aries, it shifts quickly and dramatically, whereas, in Scorpio, it shifts very little. They’d rather wait it out in a trap they’ve laid. In spite of this, Venus in Scorpio may pose challenging issues. There’s a good chance they’re keeping an eye on you. They are paying attention to what you say and do.

Being in love with a Venus in Scorpio requires keen observation. 

When the planet of love and beauty, Venus, resides in Scorpio, it is passionate, secretive, and enchanted by karmic ties. Scorpio Venus is drawn to anything dangerous, thus people born under this enigmatic sky yearn for deep, sensuous closeness enlightened from within.

When Venus is in Scorpio, however, the outcome is not the same; since three nakshatras and nine padas occupy the  30 degrees of the sign, each individual has very different romantic and materialistic goals.

Here I will mention the constellations falling in Scorpio and how they relate to a person’s desires in a romantic partnership.

Constellations that appear in Scorpio and reveal a person’s deepest desires within a romantic partnership are discussed below.

Venus in the sign of Scorpio at 0 to 3:20 degrees falls on the fourth pada of Vishakha Nakshatra. In addition to the previously described description, the following are A native of Vishakha possesses distinctive characteristics.

Scorpion(Vishakha) Venusians prefer passionate relationships and are drawn to those who are intelligent, sympathetic, and physically capable. Scorpion Venusians are also very thrifty and work hard to get to a place where they are financially and materially stable. If the couple has reached the point where they are both sick of the monotonousness of their relationship and wish to part ways, this could indicate that they are ready to end things.

If Venus is under the dominating influence of the eighth house or its lord, the person may have an interest in tantra-mantras (occult) and a desire for tantric sex.

When Venus passes through Scorpio at 3:20 to 16:40 degrees, it falls under the Anuradha nakshatra. Venus shows them the darker side of love—the aspect they would rather not consider, matter how strongly they desire to hold onto the romantic ideal. Scorpio Venusian inhabitants of Anuradha nakshatra admire the commitment and long-term relationships. If Venus is afflicted in one’s birth chart, the person longs for love but is unable to find it in a stable relationship. Those who have to go through this have a difficult time getting over their ex and typically keep their sentiments locked up inside. They are more concerned with external appearances and social conventions, and if their spouse does not express the same amount of dedication, they grow frustrated and may even begin to ignore them.

When Venus transits from Scorpio at 16:40 to 30 degrees, it belongs to Jyeshtha Nakshatra.


This Nakshatra’s Scorpio Venusians are a little different from those born under the previous two Nakshatras; instead of flaunting their dirty desires in front of others, they keep them buried but still enjoy a steamy conversation.

They can keep reliving that unforgettable romantic moment in time. Until they are no longer interested in the relationship, they worry about losing their grip on him or her.

A person’s psyche can take a hit if their Venus is afflicted because they won’t get what they want.

Any affliction on the Scorpio sign shows the severity of the past karma that the native must experience and atone for because it is a part of their past karma, which is connected to a prior birth.

This, dear reader, is a synopsis of Venus in Scorpio as a whole. When it comes to Venus, it’s all about the P.A.C. connections and other combinations that may change a lot.

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