Will India be able to save itself from the global recession?

hindu new year

Since the Ukraine-Russia war, gas and oil prices have risen in the world, making basic daily necessities more expensive. It is affecting the global economy as businesses struggle to keep up with rising costs and consumers have less disposable income.

Two-thirds of the economists the WEF polled for its Chief Economists Outlook report said that a global recession, which is a drop in the global gross domestic product, is likely in 2023. Additionally, in January, the World Bank issued a warning that a global recession was “perilously close to occurring.”

Will India be able to save itself from the recession that is going on in the world, we try to understand it through the Hindu New Year chart and the ongoing Dasha of India. The Hindu New Year chart and the ongoing Dasha of India may provide some insights into the country’s economic future,

As per the Hindu Astrology the New Year starts from the Pisces New Moon or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada every year. At the time of Hindu New Year Sun and Moon are conjoined at the same degrees in Pisces sign. This is the time for change in season as the spring season is about to end and the summer season starts. From the horoscope cast as per the time of the Sun and Moon’s conjunction into the Pisces (Meena) sign we make a general forecasts about the year ahead. Such predictions can be made for each country by taking their capital as the place and adjusting the time for the Pisces New Moon. This year the Hindu New Year horoscope shows some interesting prospects for the economy and politics of India.

Horoscope of Hindu New Year 2023-24

Hindu New Year 2023-24 predictions

Hindu New Year 2023-24 predictions


As we all depend on one another and many Indians work for European countries, the entry of Mars into the eighth house of the horoscope indicates that it will be a difficult task for India as well. The loss of the European economy caused Indians may also have to lose their jobs abroad., which affects their income and purchasing power, which affects other factors as well. Additionally, the entry of Jupiter into the Aris sign conjunct with Rahu in the 12th house of the Indian chart indicates a bad omen.

However, since the Lagna lord Mars is strengthened in the Navamsa chart and the 10th lord Sun is in conjunction with the 5th lord Jupiter, it was anticipated that despite struggling for a few months, India would be able to manage the global recession. Currently, India is going through the unfavorable Moon Ketu Dasha, but things are expected to improve as favorable Pratyanter Dasha and Moon-Venus Dasha approach.

The future of India, among other things, is prosperity, new inventions, and the expansion of Bhartiya cinema. Economic growth in India is expected to be significantly aided by government programs encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, such as Startup India and Make in India. Furthermore, the Indian entertainment sector will most likely benefit from Indian cinema’s growing international popularity.

In the second half of 2023, traders and businesspeople will find new opportunities due to the Moon and Venus favorable aspect to the ninth house.

Indian economy is recovering from COVID-19 showdown and at present it is the fastest growing economy of the world. However, the unemployment rate is higher in India which is more than 7% at present. Now the big question is will Indian government succeed in bringing down the unemployment rate before the next General Elections schedule in India in May 2024 ? Also the growing tension between the ruling BJP and opposition party is likely to intensify as per the Hindu New Year chart where the lagna lord Mars (central government) is in the 8th house, while the 7th lord Venus (opposition parties) is in the 6th house of strife.

Foundation Horoscope of India 

Hindu New Year 2023-24 predictions

Hindu New Year 2023-24 predictions

In the foundation horoscope of India the Vimshottari Dasha of Moon and Anter Dasha of Ketu is running from 10 December 2022 to 11 July 2023. Then Moon-Venus will run from 11 July 2023 .


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