Changing motion of Jupiter and possibility of global recession

Jupitor getting direct on 9 may will gradually come closer  to Rahu in terms of longitude . Jupiter will also be aspected by Saturn. Jupiter the karaka of finance , religion and banking getting afflicted is bound to  cause evil effect on society.  So next few months may be not good for economic growth and  stock markets will goes down strong in bearish mode. The  crops production will also be reduce resulting in scarcity of food products. If we see the chart of solar ingress of Sun into Taurus (14 May 2016 at 16:42 hours at Delhi) then it revels the possibility of a major financial scandal involving banks and government institutes. The Panama Paper leaks may spread its tentacles towards many important politicians, bureaucrats, actors and sports persons.

Sun’s entry into Vrishabha

14 May 2016 at 16:42, Delhi 


Sun's entry into Taurus


Navamsha Sun's entry into Taurus

In the horoscope of Sun’s entry into Vrishabha the two hard malefic planets Mars and Saturn are place in the 2nd house of finance. Jupiter the Karaka of finance is taking the lordship of 6th house here and is in conjunction with 10th lord Moon. The aspect of Saturn on the Jupiter is an indication of some financial irregularities and scams coming out in open. The royal planets Sun and Moon are both under the affliction of malefic’s giving indication of tough time for important persons and governments around the world due to a financial catastrophe.

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