Venus getting into combustion from 2nd May to 30 June

“Venus is the planet of love, sensual pleasures, romance, spouse, marriage and relationship. In its better  position in the horoscope it also gives  spiritual ecstasy and divine love for god. As per an age old Hindu custom when Venus get into combustion from Sun the marriages and other auspicious work such as entering into a new house are put on hold. Venus get into combustion mode when it is with in 10 degrees of longitude from the Sun. Now the Venus will remain in the combustion mode from 2nd of May to 30th of June. As per my humble knowledge of Vedic astrology following will be its effects on the lives of common man.

1. Some people may  feel disturbances in their relationship with spouse. This situation may get ignited if they are into bad dasha period in their charts.

2. For those who are into the business of shares, luxury items, apparels, silver etc. may have to struggle due to decrease in the demand of these articles in the market.
3. On the 20th of May the Venus will enter into Taurus  where it will come under the mutual aspect of Mars and Saturn. This combination will increase crime against women, sex scandals, sudden fall in share market, increase in temperature, heat waves and scarcity of water.
4. Due to intense heat waves people will also feel fatigue, lack of strength and vitality if they are under weak dasha periods.

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