What provide you good home as per astrology

Everybody wants good house peace in home few have huge house  some have moderate house rest live in small house and so on

As per astrology  lagana lord with 4th lord aspected by benefic planet jataka have good fortune to live in bungalow.

Forth house get aspect by benefic planet  the Jataka get good house.

But if 4 house and 4th lord afflicted and also have benefic influence so jataka have to face up and down in peace in home. some time live in good house or vice varsa.

But if 4 house and 4th lord badly afflicted and associated with 6-8-12 jataka have to face so many trouble like always tension in home court case property related and also have to sold there property .etc

There are so many astrological parameters in this area,  I have just mention few of them. You may consult me your horoscope  to know when you will buy a house for yourself.

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