Planetary indication of a fickle south-west monsoon in 2016

Majority of Indian farmers still rely on getting timely and proper south-west monsoon rain for good harvest .

If there is good rain during the monsoon season (June-July- August-September) then crops production increases which is good for Indian economy and farmers.

This year planetary position is giving an indication of an erratic monsoon season which will give unevenly distributed rain across the country. There will be less rain in the month of June and excess rain in August. The storms, flood and heavy wind may cause loss of crops at many parts of the country. In

some areas the draught will become a serious problem. The Key planets for the monsoon rain are Venus, Jupiter and Mercury . They watery rashi’s to observe are Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn and Scorpio.

1. The transiting Jupiter with windy Rahu under the aspect by a dry planet Saturn indicate moderate rain with heavy wind . The heavy wind will drove away monsoon clouds at many places during the month of June this year.

2. In the month of July the Mercury, Venus and Sun will come together in the 100% watery sign Cancer after 15 th of July which will then give heavy rain for next 15 days in the north direction represented by Cancer sign.

3. In August the conjunction of watery planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Leo will give heavy rain in the first fortnight in the East direction represented by Leo. On the 11 th of August the Jupiter will move into Virgo and get relieved from the aspect of Rahu. It will give good rain in the south direction represented by Virgo.

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