Tula Samkranti and India-pak tensions

In Mundane astrology the solar ingress or Samkranti charts hold great importance in predicting the trends and tension in a particular period.Now when the Sun is entering into the Tula rashi at the time when whole country is debating if India and Pakistan can go for a war or not, it become interesting to see astrologically what promise planets are making for the future. In the month of September India conducted a ‘surgical strike’ to avenge the Uri terrorist attack which had shocked the entire nation.

tula-samkrani-17-october-2016Now both countries are feeling the heat of a war like situation.
1. The 10th lord Moon is in mutual aspect with the 11th lord Sun which is good for the financial condition of the country.

2. The decent position of 10th lord is also good for the image of central government.

3. The lagan lord Venus along with 4th and 5th lord Saturn is good but they are sandwiched between malefic planets. It shows some tension at home.

4. Mars in the 3rd house giving aspect to the 6th house shows border clashes with Pakistan but not a full scale war.
So the planetary position  that tension between India-Pakistan will continue but it will not  turn into a big war during this year.

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