Astrological prospects for good or bad married life and relationship

Vedic astrology can be a good help to guide us about the prospects of a happy married life or relationships. In modern urban society marriages or relationship has become a very complex matter. A vedic astrology charts can clearly forewarn when marriages or relationships can turn good or bad as per the dashas operating in it. A good astrologer can easily predict about the promise of happiness or unhappiness from a relationship by analysis of birth charts of couples.

Sometime a couple may look very much inclined towards each other from the outside but internally they may not be very happy with their relationship. In some cases the husband-wife or couples are very much devoted to each other. But in other they behave like bitter enemies and a marriage may ruin itself in the court of law. In majority of cases through a marriage or relationship sustain with many ups and down.

Astrological Yoga’s for happy marriage or love affair

1. The lagan lord conjoined with 7th lord placed in lagna, 7th , 5th or 9th house. If this combination get the aspect of benefic planets then it shows deep affection in a relationship.

2. The 7th lord receiving the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or full Moon. If this 7th lord is situated in Kendra or Trikona from the lagna lord then it is also a great yoga for happiness in marriage or love matters.

3. If the rising sign of the ascendant in case of both partners are trine ( 1, 5 or 9 ) to each other then it also indicate a harmony between the two. This yoga should also be seen from the Moon signs of partners.

4. Similarly the Atamakaraka, Darakaraka and natal Sun of partners are in trine position from each other then it is also a good sign for affection between the two.

Now we will discuss some astrological combinations which may lead to disharmony and bitterness between a couple.

(a) The placement of 7th lord in the 6th or 8th or 12th house and the aspect of malefic planet on it indicates unhappiness from a relationship.

( b ) If the lagan lord and 7th lord are in 6/8 or 2/12 position from each other then also indicate a bad relationship. This situation goes worst if the lagan and 7th lord are in Trik houses ( 6th, 8th and 12th).

(c) If the 7th lord is devoid of any benefic influence and is under the aspect from the lords of Trik houses then it gives bitterness in a relationship.

(d) If the Moon sign of both partners are in inimical signs from each other and Venus is also afflicted in the chart it gives disharmony in a relationship.

The presence of above good and bad yogas in a horoscope may also give an average happiness from married life depending upon the strength of these planets and dasha order.  Apart from the above mention yogas the Bhava Kundali and Navamsha Kundali is  also considered to access the promise of a good or bad relationship in case of couples.

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