Mercury ingress in Sagittarius and New Moon Chart

Two terrorist incident in Jammu shocked the whole nation today on the day of New Moon. It was the biggest terrorist incident since the Uri terrorist attack in September earlier in which 31 soldiers lost their life.

New Moon Chart 

29 November 2016, 17:47 hours at Delhi 


The rising sign in the New Moon chart is Taurus which is the rising sign of  the foundation chart of India. It has been observed when the ascendant sign of a country rise in its New Moon or Solar Ingress chart then it produce some enigmatic incident during the operation of that chart.

The lagna lord Venus is in 8th house with 2nd lord Mercury. The three benefic Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in mutually quadrant. It shows improvement in the stock market during this fortnight.

The 3rd lord Moon is heavily afflicted by malefic planets and the 3rd house is under the aspect of Mars showing border clashes with neighboring country.

However, the aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant and the 7th lord Mars shows that there will not be war but only some border skirmishes.

Effects of Demonetization 

Mercury the Karaka of business and Venus the karaka of currency are in the 8th house showing the trouble in these sectors after the demonetization of higher currency notes on the 8th of November this month.

Now in the New Moon chart the 11th lord Jupiter giving aspect to own house and 2nd lord Mercury also doing the same shows that there will be some improvement in the situation.