Maurma(Important Keynotes) on Chandra Kundali or Moon Chart

The Chandra Kundali or Moon chart is pivotal of a horoscope. In Vedic astrology the Moon is regarded as the signification of mind; ‘Chandrma Manso Jata’ is a famous dictum of Hindu astrology. The Nakshatra dashas in Vedic astrology are calculated on the basis of the longitude of Moon. There are so many astrological combinations which are consider only from the position of Moon in a horoscope. In Vedic astrology the waxing Moon is consider as benefic and the waning Moon is taken as a mild malefic planet.

The older generation of astrologers in India use to rely on Moon chart and Bhava chalit for understanding the psychological condition of a native. The Moon chart specifically shows the mental inclination of a native when studied along with Rashi chart and Bhava chalit.

Important Yoga’s from Moon

Moon is the seeds of our Karmas or actions. It also governs our emotions and liking or disliking. The Bhriat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) has devoted a chapter ‘Chandra Yoga Adhaya’ on the yogas from Moon chart or Chandra Kundali.

The planets in the 2nd, 12th and on the either side of Moon i.e. the 2nd and 12th both makes the Sunapha, Anapha and Duradhara yoga’s. In the making of these three yogas the Sun, Rahu and Ketu are not considered. In these three yogas we have to see if there are benefic planets on the either side of Moon or there are malefic planets surrounding it.

The Moon hammed between the malefic like Mars and Saturn is always consider harmful for the peace of mind. It should be along with or surrounded by benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury for best results.

Jupiter ,Venus, Mercury in  Kendra or trikona or 11th from the Moon is considered  good for the mental health , wealth and creativeness. In this yoga jataka may have cheerful and pleasing  personality .

Enigma of Kemadrum Moon

The absence of Sunapha , Anapha or Duradhara yoga creates the Kemadruma Yoga. When Moon is not conjoined with any planets and there is no planets on either side of it then it makes the Kemadrum yoga. In this yoga we do not consider Sun, Rahu and Ketu just like we do in case of Sunapha, Anapha and Duradhara yoga.

A person born with Kemadrum Moon can suffer from loneliness and lack self confidence at times. But if such Kemadrum Moon has benefic like Jupiter and/or Venus in Kendra from it then its bad effects are nullified to some extent. However, if there are malefic planets like Mars or Saturn in Kendra from a Kemadrum Moon then it can give mental agonies to the native.

Sanayasa Yoga’s from Moon

The position of Moon in different Vargas creates many types of Sanayasa Yoga’s. The Sanayasa yoga’s are the astrological combinations of detachment from worldly life but in modern time we can also study it for mental aberrations or emotional setbacks. A Sanayas or renunciation is a state of mind which take one towards Moksha or spiritual liberation.

As per Bhriat Parashara Hora Shastra the following positions of Moon in a horoscope produce a Sanaysasa yoga.

1. The depositor or Rashi lord of Moon receiving the aspect of Saturn only. In this yoga the depositor of Moon should not receive the aspect of any other planet and it should not be in conjunction with any other planet.

2. Moon in the Navamsha of Mars receiving the aspect of Saturn or in the Navamsha of Saturn receiving the aspect of Mars also gives Sanyasa.

3. Moon in the Dreshkkana of Mars receiving the aspect of Saturn or in the Dreshkkana of Saturn receiving the aspect of Mars. As per some astrological text this yoga is also seen in the Rashi chart.

It should always be remember that the Sanayasa yoga in the Moon chart should be supported by the astrological combinations of spirituality in the Rashi chart otherwise they will not manifest in its true form but only reflect at mental level.

Raja Yoga and Moon

It has also been observed the Raja Yoga’s and Dhana Yoga’s in the Rashi chart goes lesser if they are not supported by the Moon chart or Chandra Kundali. In this regard the 5th, 10th, 2nd and 11th house from the Moon should have good connections. The placement of Moon in the Rashi chart holds the most important factor in giving results of a Raja Yoga and/or Dhana Yoga in a horoscope. A badly placed afflicted Moon can destroy most of the Raja Yoga’s or Dhana Yoga’s in a horoscope.

There are so many thing we can analysis from the  Moon chart; from the Moon chart we can judge Murma (inclination) of jataka or native. Moon is seed of our  karmas as first we think on a mater  then its convert into an action and that  actions are reflected in form of  our habits which eventually become our fate .

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