Sun enters into Scorpio and Stock Market Trends

In the Indian astrology there as been a hundrades of years old traditions for forecasting the prices of commodities. This subject comes under the brance of astrology which is called ‘Medini Jyotish’ or Mundane Astrology. In the 6th century A.D. Acharya Varahamihira has deal extensitively on the subject in his work ‘Bhriat Samhita’. As per Varahamihira an astrologer should analysis the position of planets with respect to Sun at the time of Sun’s ingress into Scorpio to predict about the harvest of winter ( Kharif harvest). Similarly the position of planets at the time of Sun’s entry into Taurus is to be taken into account for forecasting the summer harvest or Rabi crops.

Later Hindu astrologer advanced this tradition by using 24 lunar horoscopes and 12 solar ingress horoscopes to give there predictions about the commodities. If we look into the present scenario the stock markers around the world are booming since early 2017.

As per the economists the market is likely to rally high for next few months but astrological observations tells the otherwise. The Bomany Stock Exchange (BSE) in India is in ‘bull’ mode gaining the all time hight of more than 33000 points. Now the coming solar ingress of Scorpio horoscope tells us that it may fall rapidely.

Vrischik Samkranti or Sun enters into Scorpio

16 November 2017 at 12:31 hours , Delhi

astrological predictions of stock market fall in 2017

Astrological predictions of Stock Market fall after 16th of November 2017

Sun’s entry into Scorpio is talking place when Capricorn sign is rising where the Rahu-Ketu are placed showing the confusions in the mind of stock traders. The investors will be in dilema when to sell the shares to book profit. The lagna and 2nd lord (finance) Saturn falling in the 12th house is showing that there will be a big fall in the stock market. Saturn transiting in the fiery sign Sagittariuos shows that there will be increase in the prices of crude oil which will affect the market sentiments negatively.

Mercury the karaka planet of stock market is with 8th lord Sun in its enemy sign Scorpio showing the rapid changes in stock prices. Jupiter, Venus and Moon in Libra shows that the prices of gold, silver and ornaments will start incresing.

In Navamsha chart Mercury is in Capricorn receivng the aspects of Mars and Saturn showing the possible increase in prices of metals.

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