Dasha order and journey of our life

Astrology or Jyotisha has been used by the Indians as a guiding subject to foresee the pattern of their lives since time immortal. One can find the handmade Janam-Patrika (birth chart) in many Hindu homes in which astrologer had given many long range predictions along with important indications about life pattern of the native. I have written many posts about various astrological yogas on this blog. Now I will discuss about the techniques to study the dasha order which is the deciding factor to judge the journey of a native’s life through his/her horoscope. The following rules has to be remember while having an insight into the dasha order in a horoscope.

.The mahadasha at birth is of great importance as it tells about the conditions in which a native may have to spend his childhood. The education and health at the time of childhood set the foundation for the  future life. So see if the mahadasha lord at the birth is well placed from the lagna or Moon. If it is in some kind of Raja Yoga or DhanaYoga ?

.The dasha sequence of trine houses ( 5th and 9th ) is consider the best. In the horoscope of successful people it is common to find the dashas of trine lord or planets connected with trine houses in successive order.

.An astrologer should also consider the mahadasha lord as the lagna and then analysis each house and planet from there. This method should be given importance after having an analysis of dasha from the lagna and Moon. Apart from the mahadasha lord’s placement and strength has to be checked in the BhavaChalit and various varga (divisional) charts.

Now see some of the examples given below.

Case 1. An example of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in MNC

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari: Saturn 13 Years 7 Months 11 Days

In the Tula (Libra) lagna horoscope of this CEO one can easily spot great Raja Yoga’s and DhanaYogas. He was born with the dasha balance of Saturn which is the yoga Karaka for his horoscope. The strong placement of Saturn in the 9th house gives him good education and high post to his father in government sector. Later he got the 16 years long dasha of Mercury when he was 13 years of age. The Mercury is the 9th lord in exchange with the 7th lord Mars which is a good Parashari yoga. Mercury is also conjoined with 11th lord Sun. He got admission in the most prestigious management institute in India during this Mercury dasha.

After completing his post-graduation he got good jobs in multinational companies. Later the dasha of Ketu placed in the 8th house gave him couple of changes in career. However, these changes proved good for him as the depositor of Ketu is Venus which is exalted and receiving the aspect of  5th lord Saturn which is a Raja Yoga for Libra lagna. Then the dasha of Venus started in December 2011. He became the CEO of a multi-national company dealing in apparels in year 2013. Becoming a CEO at the young age of 39 was a big achievement then. Venus as the lagna lord is receiving the aspect of 4th and 5th lord Saturn is a good Raja Yoga. In Navamsha and Bhava-Chalit Venus is well placed. The good dasha order of  Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and then Venus gave this person continuous success in life. The noticeable point here is that Venus has moved in the 5th house in Bhava-Chalit which gave him a creative mind which is a prerequisite to get success at higher level in the field of fashion apparels.

Case 2. Long struggle in career due to bad Dasha

Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari: Ketu 4 Years 2 Months 3 Days

Now see this Dhanu (Sagittarius) lagna chart of this native born in year 1952 who has to struggle whole his life in a clerical job. There is a bad exchange of 9th lord Sun and the 8th lord Moon explaining how the native was so unlucky. However, the mutual aspect between the lagna lord Jupiter and the 5th lord Mars a good Raja Yoga but he didn’t get the dasha of Jupiter to give him success in life.

He was born as the youngest boy among the family of five. The dasha he got was of Ketu placed in the 8th house. Then he got the 20 years long dasha of Venus which is also placed in the 8th house. Later the dasha of Sun in the 8th house and of the Moon the lord of 8th house was also not very helpful. During the dasha of Venus he got into the bad company of boys and indulges into running away from school to watch Hindi movies. The Venus as the 6th lord in the 8th house was bad for education at the childhood. Later he got a small clerical job in a transport company in year 1972 where he spends 38 years of his life. The continuous connection of dashas with the 8th house didn’t give him any success in career.

There was some improvement in the financial condition during the dasha of Mars from 1992 to 1999 and then in Rahu from 1999 to 2017 due to benefic in property matters. The Mars is giving aspect to the 2nd house of finance where the Rahu is placed receiving the aspect of 11th lord Venus and the 9th lord Sun is a ‘Dhana Yoga’. However, this financial success was very late in his life when he had cross the age of 42. This case is a classic example of how a bad dasha order can spoil the education at childhood and later gives struggle in the career.

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