Artistic ability as per astrology

Grace, charm, and beauty are all ruled by Venus. Activities such as  theater, painter, dance, fashion are connected to Venus. A strong influence of Venus in a kundali makes the native attractive and beautiful, give an inclination towards cinema and other creative fields. It is also a karaka of physical pleasure and plays an important role in determining love affairs. ‘Here’s the short YouTube video for Venus in the Celebrity Chart,

Automobile dealer, automobile manufacturer, commercial institute , retailer of jewellery, architect, income tax officer and financier etc are rule by Venus.

Now see the astrological parameters for a career in artistic pursuits.

  1. The karak planet Venus , Mercury and 3rd house play prominent role . It along with this other planets ,houses and PAC connection  shows the various ability like somebody want to sing a song and other want to dance, painting , or becoming   a makeup artist , dress designer , playing an  instrument ,etc .
  2. Venus have a refined quality , it shows harmony and emotion . If a  Jataka (native) is  bless with good Venus like occupied in its  exalted sign Pieces  , Moola  tricona Libra and own sign Taurus then  it show naturally  refine taste and attraction  towards  artistic talent .
  3. The 3rd house  is the house of hobbies, writing ability, small tour, etc. When the 3rd lord makes a  PAC (Position, Aspect and Conjunction)  connection with Mercury and Venues in the Rashi chart and  also in good condition that makes a person  good in singing or have a good voice. And when the 3rd lord and house makes a  connection with 5th lord and the house getting aspects from Venus and/or Jupiter then  it indicate native  may be becoming a good poet or good in writing work and this connection associate with sun makes a person   good in playing a good musical instrument . here the horoscope give bellow he is a screenplay writer,film dialogue writer parameter  clearly shown in lagna and dashmansha chart.
  4. When the 3rd lord and house have PAC connection with 10th and 11th lord and houses along with Rah it   may make a person choosing  his or her hobby as a professional singer , film makeup artist . An actor and actress usually have this kind of astrological combinations .
  5. Now see the  above given  chart of this native who is a very good theater artist and teachs others  acting skill. Once he tried for a career in the  Bollywood but didn’t  get an  appropriate  opportunity. That was during 90’s and now  he is passionate about doing theater. Now see the above given astrological parameters again , the 10th and lagna lord Mercury along with 3rd lord Mars receiving aspect from 11th lord Moon show his passion towards artistry. Venus is in its exalted sign ,Rahu placed in the  lagan have abilities to disguise and make false things in a real manner is the reason he choose acting as his career. Rahu plays an important role in performing arts.
  6. The 10th lord in 2nd house having  PAC connection with venues and 4th house or lord makes one good in restaurant and hotel management work. This connection is generally seen in the horoscope of  hotel and restaurant owners/managers .

Somebody do his or her work in creative manner and some in a ordinary manner and other clumsy way is define by the strength and weakness of artistic planets.

Its all indicate in the horoscope but if the native choose his or her profession as carrier then this must gets a confirmation in the  Navmansa chart , Dashmansa chart and karkamsha lagna.

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