Hindu new year 2018

As we welcome new year 2018, let’s take a look at the Indian new years. New Year2018: As per solar calendar, new year is celebrated during spring harvest time. But its important for astrological analysis too, planetary position during that time indicate some prominent events .

Now i will give an analysis of the Hindu New Year horoscope 2018 for the astrological prospects of India in the fiscal year 2018-19.

In the Hindu New Year or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada horoscope the rising sign is Virgo which is the 5th house of India’s foundation horoscope.

Hindu New Year 2018,
17 March 2018 at 18:42 hours , Delhi

The India economy is struggling with GDP growth rate slowing down to 6.5% in fiscal year 2017-18 as compare to 7.1% in the previous year. The economy came into the state of depression after being hit by the twin blows of demonetization and the
poor implementation of GST (Goods & Services Tax). I had hinted it in my last few articles that major economic indicators will start slowing down in year 2017-18 due to the bad transit of Saturn from Sagittarius which is the 8th house of the foundation chart of India.

Record Tax collection possible: A beautiful exchange of houses between the 2nd lord Venus and the 7th lord Jupiter shows the possibility of record tax collection by the means of direct and indirect taxes. The government of India will achieve very good success in collecting income tax and GST during the coming fiscal year. The 2nd house in Mundane astrology relate with the tax and baking. The lord of 2nd house is Venus which is exalted in the 7th house of business along with the 11th lord Moon showing the great jump in tax collection rate.

Public Protest and Strikes : The 3rd and 6th lord Mars in the 4th house (general public) along with 8th lord Saturn shows growing discontent among the public against the policies of the central government. There will be big strikes of bank, railway and other labor unions this year. The malefic Mars and Saturn are in the Kendra of Rashi and Navamsha showing poor state of general public. The farmer and labors will start becoming angry because of the failure of BJP in fulfilling its poll promises.

Earthquake, Railway and Fire accident: The period till August-September this year will have great number of rail and fire accidents. The Saturn-Mars at the 4th house can give big loss of human life by the means of fire accident, public transport accidents and earthquakes. The railway accident will start hitting the headlines soon. A major earthquake may strike the North-West part of India after the eclipse of 27/28 July this year.

Volatile Share Market: The conjunction of Saturn-Mars in Sagittarius will give ups and down in the stock market till the end of April month. Later the Mars will stay in the Capricorn sign for a longer duration due to its retrogration. Mars will be in Capricorn from 2nd of May to 5th of November which will bring ups and down in the stock market.
Religious Disputes and Judicial Reforms : In the Hindu New Year horoscope the 9th lord Venus is exalted in the 7th house along with 11th lord Moon showing reforms in the judiciary. The long stay of Mars in the Capricorn sign from the 2nd of May to 5th of November shows religious tensions and major changes in the Indian judicial systems. The Mars will stay for about 6 months in the 9th house of the foundation chart of India which signifies religious disputes and judicial reforms. The BJP and RSS will try to put ‘Ram Temple Issue’ in the limelight to polarize votes in their favor in the upcoming elections.

Scientific inventions: The conjunction of 5th lord Saturn with the 8th lord Mars is a yoga for good scientific developments. The government may promote scientific inventions in various sectors including defense more prominently.

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