Falling share market can rise for time being

Jupiter will ingress in Scorpio sign on the 11th of October and it will be in fast moving ‘Atichari’ motion for next four months. Jupiter in watery sign Scorpio can bring some much needed stability in the stock market which at present in India is falling badly. Midcaps and smallcaps are falling in sync with the Sensex. As per some news reports ‘more then 200 stocks fell 50% to 90% this year’.  So now the question comes will this ‘bear trend’ in stock market will continue for long ? or Will there be some recovery due to ‘buy back’ of stocks by domestic investors? The foreign investors are taking money out of Indian market ever since the USA economy and its currency Dollar is going upward. This is a dangerous trend for emerging economies like India.
Astrologically  transiting  Venus will be in Libra from 1 September 2018 to 31 December 2018 due to its retrogression in between. As Jupiter ingress into Scorpio and Sun ingress into Libra on 11th of October  and 17th of October  respectively there are chances for ‘trend reversal in stock market’ but to a very limited extent only.

See the above given New Moon (Amavasaya Kundali) chart given above for 9th of September. Here the Jupiter, Mercury and Venus together in Libra , the sign signifying trading and business, shows some recovery in stock market in days to come.

Also notice this in bhava chart Saturn ,Sun and Ketu shift their position not indicating very positive change but some relief for sensex. So the recovery of stock market in this second fortnight of October will be just average only. I will write a new blog post about long term stock market trends in India in the next few days.

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