Jupiter behind Saturn brings dictator

Saturn in mundane astrology is know as the significant   of democracy and public opinion. It has been observed that when Jupiter, the planet of divine grace, is behind Saturn in transit then there comes a situation when a dictatorial leader rises to power with great public mandate in his favor. But when Jupiter get in conjunction with Saturn and later move ahead of it in transit then the trend get reverse and that dictator fall after  public protests against him or some big war.

The character of dictator :-

A dictator is a political leader who possesses absolute power, most dictator have several characteristics in common. They usually rule by inflicting autocracies, keeping their power through control of the mass media, can’t tolerate criticism, vanity in their own appearance and cruel to others etc.

We can see this astrological phenomena in case of Adolf Hitler who rose to the position of Germany’s Chancellor in 1934 when Saturn was with Rahu in Capricorn sign and Jupiter was behind Saturn in Libra sign. Saturn the karaka of masses was polluted with Rahu in 1934 when ruthless dictator Hitler was starting to become strong in Germany. But in 1940 when the pious Jupiter got conjoined with Saturn in the sign Aries Hitler had to face allied forces against him in the World War II with their clear aim to dislodge him from power. Soon he started becoming weak and then came a situation when he had to suicide on 30th April 1945 when transiting Jupiter had move ahead of Saturn.

Same trend we can see with Indira Gandhi’s career who had become a big heroin and was hailed as ‘Goddess Durga’ after the victory in 1971 Indo-Pak war. In December 1971 the Jupiter was in Scorpio at 27 degrees and was about to come in Sagittarius. Saturn was then in Taurus when India had defeated Pakistan decisively in big war. She remain popular in politics until Jupiter crossed Saturn and on 31 October 1984 she was assassinated by her own bodyguards. Saturn at that time was in Libra and Jupiter was in Scorpio.

Now in the current political scenario of the world we have again witness the rise of dictatorial leaders in democracies, when transiting Jupiter is behind Saturn in transit which is in ingress from Sagittarius at present. As per my humble astrological view this trend will see a reversal when Jupiter will cross Saturn in Capricorn in year 2020. The people in democratic countries will then came to understand about the in-capabilities, corrupt policies and dictatorial manners of those leaders who then may have to face public outrages after 2020 when Jupiter will cross Saturn in transit.

But after some years this cycle of the rise and fall of dictator’s in democracies will again continue as it is the nature of general public to look for some ‘hero’ who can solve all their problem with a ‘magic-wand’. But common people always get fooled  because dictators know how to manipulate public mind with the use of popular media.  This never ending cycle of dictators becoming popular and then fading away is can perhaps only be understood with astrological cycle of Saturn-Jupiter.


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