Makar Samkranti 2019..pointing what

The Makar Samkranti festival is celebrated in India at the time of Sun’s entry into Makar or Capricorn sine as per the Hindu Nirayan system of astrology. The horoscope cast at the time of Sun’s entry into Makar has provide  some indication of social, political and economic events coming in the next 6 months of Sun’s stay in the Uttarayan (summer solstice) position.


In the Makar Samkranti chart of this year the Sun is with Ketu at close degree so that this combination repeat in navmansa,dashmansha and bhava chart too  which is a indicating some surprise changes. The Karka (Cancer) lagna chart of Makar Samkranti the Moon is in the 10th house in Rashi chart and in Bhava Chalit it goes into the 9th house with Mars. The 9th house shows religion and higher judiciary. So the matter related with Ram Temple case in the Supreme Court will be in the limelight in the next few months. But the decision on this issue may not come this year so we have to wait little longer.


In the Makar Samkranti chart there is a good exchange between the 5th lord Mars and 9th lord Jupiter. It shows possibility of some judicial reforms. Some steps would be taken for reforms in the judiciary but these will not be implemented because 9th lord Jupiter debilitate  in navmansa and dashmansha chart  also has lagna lord of both chart, Until the transiting Saturn reach in the Makar Rashi, which is the 9th house of Indian Independence chart, the reforms in judiciary and decision on the Ram temple issue will not come. So we will have to wait till 2020 for major judicial reforms and final verdict on the Ram Temple case in the Supreme Court of India.


Stock Market may fall suddenly 


Mercury the Karaka of stock trading, is in the 6th house with Saturn, Jupiter also weak as I mention earlier  which shows that stock markets in India may fall a bit  from this Makar Samkranti. The prices of gold will increase as Sun is with Ketu. The harvest of wheat may not be satisfactory as Sun is with Ketu in both Rashi and Navamsha. The rice production would be good as Moon is good in both Rashi and Navamsha chart.

The film industry will see lots of good block-buster movies in next six months as the 5th house is good in the Makar Smakranti chart.



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