Career is an important aspect of any person’s life. It determines the kind of lifestyle one will lead and his/her position in the society. While everyone dreams of a good lifestyle not everyone is able to build a strong career that can ensure the same.

Trying to understand it through astrology ..

If someone getting good dasha right on time and kundly promise good rajyogas, good 10th house making connection between 11th and 2nd houses and these combination repeat in bhava chart and Dashamsha chart then the  person will enjoy a  good career . Along with this yoga trikona bhava (1,5,9 house of the chart ) also must be strong as they are called ‘Lakshmi Sathan’.
Example 1- CEO of Multinational company See this in the Cancer lagna horoscope given above of a CEO of big apparel brand. He become the CEO in the end of Moon maha dasha, which is placed in the 2nd house, and continued on this position till Mars-Moon dasha Chiddra. The beginning of Rahu dasha gave him a difficult job change.

Now i will take an example of a broken career of IT professional.

Here the 10th house and its lord is  associated  with 6th ,8th and 12th house or lord, and moderate 2,11 ,9 house also good trikona house 1st,5th,9th or vice versa then person has to face unstable job like lots of hindrance ,break in career ,change in job respectively ,there are no regular and steady income in person life .
Example 2. Broken career of IT Professional 

In the Virgo lagna horoscope given above the 10th lord Mercury falls in the 12th house with 12th lord Sun and 8th lord Mars gives lots of breaks in the career of this IT manager. He had lots of job changes in his 18 year long Rahu maha dasha ( 1990 to 2008) and then Jupiter dasha also give him great troubles.

Example 3. Government job at older age
She had done her PHD in music and got a  government job in 2008,  but for some reason she didn’t get appoint due to a court case filed against the examination procedure conducted. Later she  win the case in 2018 Jupiter/Moon dasha .

We can see the chart 10 lord in 8th house along with 9th lord but both shifted in 7th house in Bhava chalit chart . So their position get better its significant public image and promotion , though lots of significance belong to this houses but here I am only focus on career and 10th lord in 8th house play their role as it suppose to be .
Example 4. Jupiter-Saturn influence and career in Law
The above given Pisces lagna horoscope is of a lady lawyer. The 1st and 10th lord Jupiter placed in 3rd lord the house is showing  courage and her vigorous  efforts. It is  receiving aspect by 5th lord Moon which is placed in 9th house of luck. The 10th lord has a connection with Laxmi-Sathan-Adhatipati. The  6th lord in 6th house and 12th lord in 12th house make these houses strong also have kendriya-Bala  (quadrants strength)  influence which  make a person hard worker and this combination also give her fighting spirit , success in career .

There are lots of combination every horoscope is unique ,the placement of janam nakshatra ,lagna lord and 10th lord indicate which direction his/her karmic accounts are bound .

Regardless of whether you can get or not get success, you should always try, because today’s karmas decide tomorrow’s glory .
Ask yourself if what you’re karama’s of present are   getting you closer to where you wanted to be tomorrow.

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