Forecasting stock market trends in 2019

The stock market is touching new heights now, but be careful that it is not long. This year we can see many up and down and may witness suddenly a sharp drop in the market. , It may not be a good time for long-term investment. In the end of second week of March Bombay Stock Exchange crossed the mark of 37,000 one’s again after some  bearish shocks but now it may give bearish trends again.

The reason of this Jupiter , which is significant of finance,  will associate with ketu and Saturn in the month of April  due to this auspiciousness of Jupiter will decrease. But soon Jupiter gets retrograde and will again enter in Scorpio and  fluctuation of market  will continue.

In November Jupiter again come back in Sagittarius( Sagittarius represent war and weapons  and Jupiter associate with Ketu and Saturn makes it malignant)  war like condition then may appear on surface which impacts on market . Apart from this the two eclipses in the sign Sagittarius are also going to give downtrends in the stock prices. A lunar eclipse on 16 July and a solar eclipse on 26 December will afflict the sign Sagittarius this year. These affliction will bring fall in the prices of many top shares. These two eclipses will also be bad for the central government of India as Sagittarius is the 8th house of the foundation horoscope of India. Apart from this the result of election on the 23rd of May will disappoint the stock markets in India. A fracture mandate, not giving BJP full majority, will led to fall in the stock prices from 23rd of May onward. So if you are hoping to get good return on your stocks like you get in 2014 after the declaration of election results then your hopes may dashed away. So in totality the months of April, May, July and December in 2019 can give surprise falls in the stock prices.

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