Horoscope of Hindu New Year and forecast for India 2019

Destiny is not only for humans, but also for countries. If the country flourishes, then people flourish there and if some condition like war is seen or natural calamity then its bad impact falls on their people. We astrologers try to figure out what is going to happen in a year through Hindu new year chart or Pisces New Moon horoscope .

Some of my analysis about this  is given in this article.

After Pulwama attack in the month of February the relations between India and Pakistan has touched bottom low as the  two nations were at loggerhead . It was the intervention of US president Donald Trump that pacify the situation which was turning towards a war. Now the  Hindu New Year Chart shows that in the coming year India may face difficulties in many ways including border tensions with Pakistan . Though lagna lord and 2nd lord are together in the 9th house but Jupiter Saturn and ketu conjoined in 6th house getting aspect by mars from the  11th house has ruined this good combination. It Can bring wave of frenzy and political instability  in the country, but the situation will be restored for time being but again in November and December problem can arise.
War like situation may reappear in November and December when Saturn-Jupiter and Ketu will come close in Sagittarius the war sign.

Horoscope Hindu New Year 2019 

5 April 2019, 14:20 hours at Delhi 

The reason of it ,Jupiter which is signification of ‘Jiva’ (life) getting afflicted by association with ketu and Saturn . Jupiter in the Hindu New Year horoscope is also receiving  bad aspect by Mars. Saturn as the lord of 7th house is giving aspect to the 12th house of losses. the 7th house signifies wars . From the  25th of April Jupiter will ingress in Scorpio due to retrograde motion which may be balance the situation for the time being only .But the turmoil condition will be continue due to mars and Jupiter mutual aspect later creating a war hysteria among the people of both India and Pakistan.

But as we knows

China funding Pakistan and supplying it with weapons, and often in the Indian border, the Chinese army enters in the Indian territory  area without authorization. The strong economic and military strength of China give it an advantage over India. Indian government do not bring Chinese border intrusion into public domain. Right know India is  going through Moon -Jupiter dasha in its Taurus lagna chart.  This year India will do well  in sports . See the given below foundation horoscope of India. Moon is in the 3rd house of sports and armed forces in cluster of so many planets. Jupiter, the sub period lord, is in the 6th house of border clashes.

predictions about General Elections in 2019

In Hindu new year chart Jupiter ingress in own Rashi Sagittarius . But associate with Saturn and Ketu will reduce the auspiciousness of Jupiter in other aspects.
Mercury and Venus are conjoin in 8th house receiving aspect by Saturn from 6th house mercury is 3rd and 12th lord along with 4th and 11th lord Venus . Mars  also giving aspect to Saturn shows fighting for land  and farmers problems getting severe this year.
Mars has occupied good position in ascended ,Navmansa and Dashmansa chart in  Hindu year chart. It has a lordship of 5th and 10th house in Rashi and has also shifted in 10th house in Bhava chart which indicates  a beneficial treaty from outside countries.
The 5th house is the house for entertainment industry, media houses and higher education where a good growth will be visible this year due to strong Mars giving aspect to this house.

National destinies  takes shape differently from year to year. It’s good or bad, it’s just a perception.

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