Mr. Nitin Gadkari will get his desired position after September 2020.

Nitin Gadkari is one of the top most performing minister in the Narendra Modi government during 2014 to 2019. His work as minister of  Road Transport and Highways was appreciated by everyone. His horoscope given below indicate that his career is going to shine even more in days to come.

Horoscope of Nitin Gadkari 

27 May 1957, 18:45 hours at Nagpur , Maharashatra

Astrological Predictions for General Elections 2019

In my previous articles i had given predictions the BJP will not come in full majority but they will form a weak coalition government after the results of general elections in May 2019.

You can read my article on the Indian General Elections 2019 predictions given below which was posted on 17 June 2018. I had made predictions about it a year back so that i can remain objective and unbiased.


1. It seems that Mr. Nitin Gadka will get his desired position after September 2020.
2. As per available data Mr. Nitin Gadkari has Scorpio lagna and Libra Navmansa ,the 10th lord Sun along With 7th lord Venus as per “bhavat bhavan Rule “ [that goes from 10th to 10th ]. This conjunction of Sun and Venus in Gadkari’s chart is a good Raja Yoga.

Right now Jupiter/Venus dasha and antardasha going on, though Venus is in its own zodiac but it is 12th lord too and in Navansa and Dasmasha Venus is weak. Venus there goes in Leo Navansa and Virgo  Dashamsha  respectively . It is not very favorable position .

3. On 22nd September 2020, Jupiter -Sun dasha in Vimshottari  will start in the horoscope of Nitin Gadkari.  Jupiter is the  2nd and 5th lord situated in 10th house in Leo sign , it gives Jupiter good strength and Sun the antardasha Nath placed in 7th house, which I mentioned earlier,  gain strength in Navansa and Dashamasha.  So, it strongly indicate that he will achieve his desirable position .
4. The exchange between 8th and 6th lord Mars and Mercury gaining strength in Navmansa and Dashamsha chart shows some how Mr. Gadkari will manage to get the position. This is a Vipreet Raja Yoga in Mr. Gadkari’s chart which will give him high position by manipulation and political tricks.

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