World may get relieved form corona virus soon

In Hindu astrology Jupiter is the Karaka (significant) of ‘Jeev’ or living beings health. Ketu signifies ‘Sookshma Jeev’ or “keeta” which is bacteria or virus as per modern science. Whenever Jupiter get affected by Ketu by conjunction or they are in Kendra (square) from each other some kind of epidemic related with virus can trouble humanity. In countries where some eclipse is visible during those time there the chances of spreading these epidemic are more.
corona virus astrology predictions
Last year on the 27th of December a solar eclipse was fallen in Sagittarius which was visible in China, India, Iran and other Asian countries. Ketu was in conjunction with Jupiter at the time of this eclipse. This eclipse had fallen in the 12th house of the Makar lagna chart of China, in the 8th house of the Vrishahbha lagna chart of India and in the 6th house of the Cancer lagna chart of Iran. All these countries, including many other, are now struggling with corona virus fear. Entry of Mars at the eclipse sign Sagittarius on the 7th of February worked as a catalyst for the outbreak of corona virus with more vigor.  When Mars or some other malefic planet connect with eclipse sign it does gives its bad results at extreme levels.
However, India is bit safer as her Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Saturn is not so bad. After 23rd of March when transiting Mars will leave the sensitive Sagittarius sign then we will get some relief from corona virus in India. Meanwhile China and other countries may have to face this issue for few more months.

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