Economic Crisis and the limitations of Astrologers

Years ago, it was anticipated that a recession could occur in 2020.It is observed that whenever Jupiter is afflicted, it causes hindrance in economic development.

Since Jupiter is along with Mars and Rahu Ketu axis, and Jupiter not only the significance of Jiva (being alive), but it is also in Sagittarius, which is an indicator of war.Therefore, it was estimated that there may be circumstances such as war lead to a slowdown in the economy of the world but it was the corona virus that caused havoc in this world .

Let’s see when it started spreading in the whole world and put the whole world in danger.



About the solar eclipse of 26th of December 2019 almost every astrologer in India had forecast that this eclipse will bring havoc for the economy and can bring war. I was also of the same opinion as i had mention in my article written on 12 August 2019 on this blog with title “The coming year is very crucial and difficult for India” 

The readers can click the link given above and see my observations where i had forecast about a war like situation in 2020 and also a global economic crisis. But the limitation we astrologer face is that we can only see what almighty want us to see. We can predict the economic trends and tensions in a specific period of time but to pin point the cause is almost impossible think. Who could have thought that a global epidemic like corona virus could become the reason of a global economic crisis we are facing today ? 

solar eclipse 26 December 2019 In the horoscope of solar eclipse one can see the conjunction of planets in war sign Sagittarius. But then Sun is in the Nakstatra of Ketu which signifies ‘Sookshma Jeeav’ or Virus. Ketu is afflicting Jupiter the karaka of Jeev and Saturn which signifies epidemics. It is immediately after this eclipse  the corona, a virus infection, spread in China’s Wuhan. When Mars enter into Sagittarius on the 7th of February it started spreading in many countries. As Ketu has now reached at the eclipse point i.e. degrees of Sun in the solar eclipse chart this epidemic has been declared as a global health emergency by WHO.

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