Long stay of Mars in Pisces in 2020 and its effects on you.

On the 18th of June the Mars entering in Pisces and its  effect on every Rashi differently so find out what is your Moon Sign. Mars will become retrograde in Pisces and stay here for a longer duration for about 6 months during which it will also go to Aries for a short period. 

1.The first one Aries sign the Mars placed in 12th house from its mool-trikona Rashi gives mixed result it will increase the willpower. Native of this Rashi  has to put lots of effort but native be careful about their health issues and avoid the dispute with their partners and spouse.
2.The second one Taurus sign,  for the Taurus sign the transit on Mars gives beneficial result it will increase their income and they can manage to save the money also but  they may become little bitter if you are student.  You will receive this is a time for focus on study Mars gives you good result just be careful about your health and avoid disputes.
3.For Gemini Rashi the transit of Mars very beneficial increase energy of the native but for the student good time for focusing on study but may parent concern about their children, some small dispute in
house but beneficial for their work.
4.It would be mix result for cancer sign it may increase expense and dispute but if they keep effort on their relationship and work their fate definitely help them.
5.For the Leo sign Mars is more beneficial and less difficult on Leo sign negative if you some money stuck in somewhere it is the time to get it back your earning will good and will power also increase if you are student then try to keep focus on your study more, yeah some problem from unknown area also may occur so be careful about that.
6.For the Virgo Rashi transit of Mars beneficial for profession time for save money but some dispute occur with partner and spouse and during this time period you may get angry easily so be careful about that but professionally there would be rise in your career.
7.For Libra sign native the transit of Mars difficult for some area try to be careful about their health and about dispute with their partner and spouse some difficulties in love and relationship native should control their impulsive nature because the transit of Mars made them a bit impulsive
8.For Scorpio sign the transit of Mars beneficial on it gives the native innovative idea but be careful about to implement in impulsiveness .The native try to make money in a different way and for that they may have to spend some. if the native interest in research  or meditation very good time for them.
9.For the Sagittarius sign the transit of Mars indicate that it it would be very beneficial for their profession and gaining and good for student for their study though some dispute occur with their partner or a spouse they may find less peace and harmony in their home so they should try put an extra effort to maintain the harmony of home.
10.The transit of Mars very beneficial for Capricorn sign, the Capricorn Sign where the Mars is exalted and placed in 3rd house so the native become more courageous and effort full on their passion towards work and fortunate that may have to travel if possible for them but try to avoid dispute and may from health issue occur.
11.The transit of Mars for Aquarius sign is is beneficial not only their karmadhipati transit in 2nd house but also increase their innovative ideas but be careful about their tongue  because some time they may become bitter and it will create dispute in relationship and friendship but this transit good for their profession and Bhagya their intuitive power may increase that will help native take a right decision
12.The transit of Mars for Pisces sign may more difficult not only they may panic about their thinking process but felt less harmony with their love and relationship felt little disturb but they do meditation and Jap to their est Devta it will help to improve their innovative idea and intuitive power which will help them to rescue from uncomfortable feeling

So that’s all the transit of Mars and the effect on the various Rashi though it’s a general prediction depend upon what running Dasha the Jatak going on and what effect on the transit of Mars so its composite technique if the native going through favorable Dasha and the transit of Mars also be favorable so the native will get whatever there Dasha indicate with very less effort.

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