How will be the stock market trends after solar eclipse of 21 June 2020

For the last few days, the market has been on positive mode. That gives the investor an expectations. But according to the position of the planets, the market can gives many sharp drops in the second half of this year after solar eclipse of 21 June.
Now a day most of the people started to take interest on share market as  people wanted to invest their money with good return to reach their financial goals.
Some people become billionaires through the stock market, some lose their hard-earned money.

After 2008-09 recession the market boom again and more then double during in few years time. I had forecast a global recession in my article written on 22 October 2019 on the Saturn-Ketu conjunction and its impact on financial markets
Saturn Jupiter Ketu and Venus in Sagittarius after 21st November 2019  in a fiery sign was the  most venomous for the stock and the financial market which  started sliding after Jupiter join Saturn in Capricorn earlier this year.  From the past it has been observed that when Saturn, Jupiter and ketu influence the fire sign Sagittarius it is time for economic disaster.

astrological predictions about stock market in 2020 Solar Eclipse horoscope 21 June 2020 , 12:11 hours at Delhi 
Saturn- Jupiter conjunction is presently presiding in Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and a solar eclipse is going to happen on 21 June 2020. In the next 6 months stock market will fall many a times in big manner about which i will write in my next posts. There will also be major fluctuation in gold prices. In the horoscope of solar eclipse of 21 June Mercury and Sun are with Rahu under the aspect of Mars showing a very volatile fall in the markets in coming months. 

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