Makar Sankranti is important in Indian culture. But why this time is special and different.


 According to the scriptures,Uttarayan is considered as a symbol of day of Gods or a sign of positivity and Dakshinayan symoolizes as the night of god or the sign of negativity and . Since on this day sun starts its journey towards the north so, people take a holy dip in Ganga, Godavari, Krishna, Yamuna River at holy places, chant mantras etc. Normally the sun affects all the zodiac signs, but it is said that the entry of the sun in the zodiac sign of Cancer and Capricorn religiously is very fruitful.

Lohri: One day before Makar Sankranti, on 13th January, Lohri is celebrated in Haryana and Punjab. At night, people gather around the bonfire and throw til, puffed rice & popcorns into the flames of the bonfire. Prayers are offered to the bonfire seeking abundance & prosperity.

Jupiter  and Saturn are in a  close degree conjunction these days. It has been observed that whenever this planetary position occur , it brings subtle changes in the society. In mundane astrology Jupiter signify wisdom of society and Saturn represent the masses in general.


Because 5 planets in Capricorn  Indicating that the journey of human life will reach different dimensions.




•As people are increasingly accustomed to working online and taking classes, some people can use their free time to learn and earn.

At this time Saturn and Sun help you.  the Saturn represents discipline and Sun represents Agni.

This is the right time to determine, read scripture and do research work.

Makar Sankranti is important in Indian culture. But  this time is special and different as Capricorn is the rising lagna of Makar Sankranti. 5 planets are in Capricorn and rahu also aspect Capricorn mars also in quadrant.

So it is time to start a new goal of your life and take maximum benefit of the five planets whichever houses are in your chart represent Capricorn, These cosmic rays of the universe help you to activate that part of your life.



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