Mars enters Taurus

Today on 22 February  2021, Mars enters Taurus and join Rahu and both are Malefic planets therefore both of them able to bring disaster and create ‘Angaraka Yoga’ in Vedic Astrology. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in Taurus (Vrishabha) Rashi is more sensitive for India as the foundation horoscope of her (15 August 1947, 00:00 hours at Delhi) is of Taurus rising only.

Now the transit of these malefic planets from Taurus will be sensitive more when they would be between 10 degree to 22 degree and 30 minutes i.e. in Rohini constellation. Rohini Nakshtra is the most important among 27 Nakshtra’s. As per Brihat Samhita when malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, Mars or Ketu transit from Rohini they bring troubles to people in general. Mars will be in Rohini from 12 March to 3 April 2021. Rahu has already enter Rohini earlier on 13 February and will remain their till 20 September 2021. Ever since Rahu has enter Rohini it has bring sharp increase in prices of petrol and diesel  in India. There will be no relief from inflection until Rahu leave Rohini Nakshtra.

Mars gives aggression and Rahu makes a person violent if conjoint  with mars but aspects of Jupiter on them may get some relief . There could be some violent incident in the country during the above mention periods. But the aspect of Jupiter from Capricorn on the Taurus sign is a saving grace.

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