Forecasting Hindu New Year 2021 for India

The Hindu year chart is rising on 12 April in Taurus Lagna and Kumbh Navansh. This is the beginning of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada or Pisces New Moon. The horoscope cast on this day gives the trends of coming one year for the specific country. India at present is struggling with the ‘second wave of corona virus pandemic’. It is highly likely that corona virus will end completely only in year 2023 when transiting Jupiter will move into Aries at far away from the Saturn. The Karaka for Jeeva Tattwa is Jupiter which is under affliction.  So when Jupiter will come back into Capricorn in September 2021,  in retrograde motion, the another wave of corona may come back. So the complete relief will come only in 2023 when Jupiter will go far away from Saturn in transit.

Forecasting trends of the Hindu New Year 2021 for India

Forecasting trends for the Hindu New Year 2021 for India

After April 14, India may see a decrease in cases of coronavirus which are now increasing wildly in a day. The Sun will move into Aries sign on the 13th of April which is Tuesday ruled by Mars. So the minister of the year is Mars. Interestingly Mars is also the King of the New Year as on Tuesday at the time of Sun rise on the 13th of April there shall be ‘Pratipada Tithi’ i.e. beginning of Navratri or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.

Results of Mars being the King and Minister of Year

Important positions such as King Mantri and Varsha, the war-loving fire element planet Mars, have been obtained.
As a result, rivalry will increase in the fight for sovereignty between many countries of the world.
India’s mutual opposition and tensions with Pakistan, China and other countries will increase. There will be tension situation with neighbouring countries. Although China has withdraw its forces from the borders but still India can’t afford to relax as the Hindu New Year chart clearly shows danger from neighbouring countries. See Mars is in the lagna with Rahu and the lagan lord Venus falls in the 12th house of war losses.

Inflation will trouble people in year 2021

An increase in the price of essential commodities may cause uneasiness among the common people, rulers may behave in an autocratic and arbitrary manner.
Senapati is Chandra, who is in Revathi Nakshatra, is a friend of Mars, India will also face these adversity by making efficient strategies.
Increase in taxes and inflation will cause public crisis as the 11th house has Sun, Moon and Mercury indicating the government will try to increase its exchequer by imposing more taxes.

Erratic weather foreseen in year 2021

This time there may be heavy rains with thunderstorms in some states and countries, due to which public-money may be lost. But at some places there shall be draught as Mars will be transiting ahead of Sun during the
But the last quarter of this year will move towards betterment and development, human life which has been in trouble for the last 1 year will breathe a sigh of relief. During the last quarter of 2021 Saturn and Jupiter will move into direction motion. Jupiter will start giving good effects of its transit in Aquarius sign. But till then the time is very difficult as during summer both Jupiter and Saturn will turn retrograde giving very erratic weather and losses of crops to farmers across India and many other countries.

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