Astrological Yoga’s for career in law and Judicial services

In the ancient times the choices of career was very limited so the astrological texts had given only very few yoga’s for the study of some subjects like ‘Nyaya Shastra’ (law) , Rasayan Shastra’ (chemicals) , Shastra (weapons), Bhaishaja Vidhya (medicines preparation),  Sangeeta Shastra (music), Vedanta , Philosophy, Raja Karya (government service) etc. In Jaimini Sutram some hints are given which indicate that Mars (Nyayik) and Saturn (Nyaya) are two very important planets for the study of law along with Jupiter which is karaka for wisdom require to enter into the field of judiciary.

It has been observed that for becoming a successful lawyer one may need the strong connection between 6th house (court cases), 9th house (judiciary) , 10th house (career) and 5th house (education). The planets are Mars, Saturn and Jupiter which we have discuss above. For good lawyer Mercury  role prominent which is karaka for speech. For judges one is require very strong Jupiter with connection of above mention houses and planets. Let’s see some example horoscopes of lawyers and judges to understand the same.

Chart 1. Lawyer in Delhi

astrological yoga's for study of law The Aries lagna horoscope given above is of a lawyer in Delhi who is good in handling criminal cases and is being consulted by many lawyers collages for their own ongoing cases about those matters. In his birth chart 6th lord Mercury is in the Janma lagna during its dasha he studied law. Mars aspect the 6th house of court cases and this Mars is in conjunction with 10th lord Saturn. Together these Mars and Saturn aspect the 9th house of judiciary and 9th lord Jupiter aspect this strong Saturn-Mars conjunction. In Navamsha Jupiter aspect the 6th lord Venus while 9th lord Saturn aspect Mars which his in the 10th house of career which complete the PAC (position, aspect and conjunction) of the 9th, 10th, 6th and 5th houses/lords.

Chart 2 Female Lawyer

astrology in career in law

The chart 2 given above is of a young female lawyer who is the daughter of a class I officer in one of the intelligence agency. She is a practicing lawyer who studied law in her Venus dasaha which as the 9th lord is in the 7th house along with 10th lord Mercury. Saturn as the 5th and 6th lord aspect the 9th house of judiciary. Jupiter also aspect the 9th house from the 5th house of education. Mars aspect the 5th and 6th lord Saturn in the birth chart. So the connection between 5th, 6th, 9th and 10th houses/lord with Mars, Saturn and Jupiter is complete.

The same thing you can find in the Navamsha chart repeating where the strong 9th lord Venus is in the 5th house of education. Jupiter is in the 10th house and Saturn aspect the 9th house.

Chart 3. Lawyer in Supreme Court of India

astrological yoga's for the study of law

The Libra lagna horoscope given above is of a young lawyer practicing in the apex court of India. Here you can see the 5th lord Saturn is in conjunction with Mars. The 5th house and 9th house both get the aspect of 6th lord Jupiter. Saturn aspect the 9th house of judiciary. In Navamsha we have more strong combination as 5th lord Mercury is in the 5th house in mutual aspect with Jupiter. The 10th lord Mars aspect the 9th house of judiciary. His Saturn is in the 6th house in Navamsha chart. Benefic in Kendara houses made him successful in his career.

Chart 4. Female Judge

astrological yoga's for judiciary

In the Capricorn (Makar) lagna horoscope of Female Judge given here the 5th lord Venus is in conjunction with 9th and 6th  lord Mercury. They are both getting the aspect of Mars. The 9th house is getting the aspect of Saturn which is under the 9th aspect of Jupiter the karaka for judicial services. The noticeable point  here is that Jupiter is in own Navamsha and it is in the 10th house of Navamsha chart. Saturn and Mars aspect the 9th house of Navamsha chart. So the prominent 9th house and Jupiter in Rashi and Navamsha made him enter into judical services at a very young age of 31 when she was under Jupiter-Jupiter period in Vimshottari.

Conclusion – Dasha running between 25 to 40 plays an important role.What are the karaka elements of the planet, which are related to the ongoing dasha and what conjunction they are with the 10th, it gives us an indication of our daily major activities, if they are related to our 11th and 2nd house Help us with our livelihood.

Each planet has its own important role and the planetary conjunction changes its characteristic to some extent like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, ninth, sixth make such a combination to show our day to day karma, which may be related to Judiciary.


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