The Taliban(Terrorism threat around the world)

America was the creator of the Taliban so that it could defeat the Soviet Union who had invaded Afghanistan during 1979 to 1989. The Pakistan used  Taliban  as a tool to spread terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir in India during 1990’s. Earlier Taliban  was a weapon of America, now it has become a weapon of China and Pakistan. Interestingly Taliban grew in Afghanistan which is known in the history as ‘Grave-yard of Empires’.  Afghans remained undefeated against every foreign invasion be it by  British, Russian and now recently by American’s.

Now China has an ambition to become the sole superpower of the world and it doesn’t want its neighbouring country India to remain peaceful.

Taliban soldiers are the well trend, now they have all kinds of weapons, where is their funding coming from? Astrologically ‘Makar’ Rashi or Capricorn signify the areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern Parts of India. The transit of major planets Saturn and Jupiter from Makar Rashi has already disturbed Afghanistan and now  when Jupiter is moving back to Makar Rashi in retrograde motion there is a new danger for India and Pakistan both.

astrological predictions about Taliban

Surya Sankranti on 16 September is also not giving good signs, again there is a sign of danger for  human life. The relation of malefic planets in Kendra and triangle is not considered good in Mundane astrology. It indicates war and border tension situation.

Mars, Saturn and Rahu being in a triangle with each other and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in retrograde motion   is not showing good signs. India is now passing through Moon-Mercury dasha and Mercury is afflicted in September Surya Sankranti chart, so it is not a good sign for India. Mercury placed in the third house of the foundation horoscope of India  creates a possibility that India may be in danger of some terrorist attack and border clashes with its neighbouring countries.

Astrological predictions about India in 2021

And the transit of Rahu in Taurus does not give good results in the history of India anyway, India has to be very careful during mid of September to mid of October this year.

The planetary position of this time is an indicator of profound changes economy , political scenario and also situation of corona virus. The third wave of coronavirus may also disrupt the global economy after the second fortnight of September this year.

India had traditionally very strong relations with Afghanistan which was one’s part of  ancient ‘Bharat’. Afghanistan was known as ‘Gandhar’ in ancient times., which is now its famous city ‘Kandhar’ . The fall of Afghan government and rise of militant group Taliban is a major set back for India’s foreign diplomacy in central Asia.


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