Hasta Nakshatra [Intelligent Debaters]

Janma and Lagna Nakshatra have a very deep effect on us or it can be said that it indicates how a person’s personality and the journey of life will take shape. Hasta is the 13th nakshatra in the zodiac, which has 27 birth stars. Drawing its power from the gloriously powerful realm of ‘Surya Dev’ – the ruling deity, Hasta Nakshatra is ruled by the planetary power of the Moon.


The Hasta Nakshatra centered on Virgo is delimited by the mighty symbol of the fist. Reflecting the inherent power of its planet and divine lord, Hasta Nakshatra symbolizes the general characteristics of radiance, power, beauty, and wisdom. Symbolically supported with the power of a fist, it also includes strength, solidarity, and power among its common characteristics. Presenting the magical effect of the hand, the Hasta Nakshatra stands for victory, wisdom, knowledge, and control.

Common characteristics of people born under Hasta Nakshatra include spirituality, close relationships, and an inclination toward music.


For example, if a person is born in Hasta Nakshatra, he or she will have the planets Dasha, Moon, Mars, Rahu, and Jupiter respectively, and the journey of life will be determined by the houses and types of combinations formed.

The personality Traits of hasta person are Honesty, Loyalty, and Kindness, he/she is also admired for his/her charming vivacity, flamboyance, and generosity. Tall, handsome, and solidly built-in appearance, they provide strength and peace.

They are intrinsic components of their behavioral characteristics; to control the situation. As a result, they are exceptionally well-behaved.

Despite their docile calm demeanor, they demonstrate independence and firmness in their actions.

negative characteristics. They can be outrageously aggressive and cruel in their desire to control people and situations. Those born under the dominant influence of Hasta Nakshatra are prone to rudeness and lack of sensitivity, in addition to contributing to their grossly negative traits. Sometimes, in order to punish those who commit wrongdoing, they resort to treacherous conspiracies.

Career options for Hasta Nakshatra natives

The natives of Hasta Nakshatra possess leadership qualities and shine exceptionally in careers related to entrepreneurship and business. With their skill, craftsmanship, and knowledge, they climb the ladder of competition to reach the top-notch designation. Career opportunities focused on counseling and mentoring are also suitable for them. Demonstrating immense skill and craftsmanship, careers related to technical lines and arts are also suitable for them.

Along with his conciliatory instincts, opportunities based on mediation and settlement of disputes are also quite good for natives.

Meaning: Hand Lord: Moon

Body VarahaMihira: Hands. Body Parashara: Sides

Symbol: Hand or fist Deity: Savitar-Sun as inspiration

Shakti (power to/of…): Ability to get what one is aspiring to and keep it in one’s hands

Caste: Light, swift Nature: The light  Gana: Deva Gana 

Rashi / Zodiac: Virgo sign Marriage: Auspicious

Translation: The hand Controlling/Controlling Planet: moon

Ruling Deity of Moon: Parvati Number: 13

Gender: Male Names Letters: poo, sham, Naa, Taa

Lucky Stone: Pearl Lucky Colour: Deep green

Lucky or Favourable Numbers: 2 Element: Fire

Guna: Rajasic Dosha: Vata Bird: Vulture (Crow)

Yoni/Animal name: Female Buffalo (Mahisha)

Tree: Banyan Tree

Keeping in mind the innate compatibility criteria, Hasta Nakshatra is most favorable for Swati Nakshatra because of its physical connection. Hasta represents the female buffalo, Swati is represented by the male buffalo. Apart from being favorable to Revati and Bharani Nakshatras, it is also favorable to Uttara Phalguni and Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatras. Kritika and Pushyami constellations are also favorable for this. This is due to the physical compatibility of buffalo with elephants, cows, and sheep.

Keeping in mind the principle of obstruction, Hasta Nakshatra is not favorable to Shatabhishak Nakshatra. Considering the buffalo’s innate hostility to the horse, both the male and female stars represented by the horse are unfavorable. Apart from Shatabhishak, Ashwini is also not compatible with Hasta Nakshatra.

Unfavorable: Planning Long Term Objectives and Aims, Sexual Acts, Inactivity, Relaxation, Executive Maturity, Night Time Acts

Favorable: Generally Good for all Activities, Laughter-inducing Activities, Pottery, Jewellery Designing, Magic, Skills of Hands, Dealing with Kids, Changing Homes, Crafts, Business Matters requiring Tact, Marriage, Travel, Moving, Organizing, Yoga, Meditation, Trading Goods, Gardening and activities in the Sun.

Key Themes

  • Intelligent Debaters using Wit and Humour
  • Manipulative and Cunning Demeanour
  • Themes of Healing Modalities using Hands
  • Success at Art, Drama, Music, Painting, Deity: Savitur (one of the 12 Adityas and the name translates as “Golden Handed”, everything he touches turns into light. He is the giver of life and assists in the birth of a child. He has the ability to manifest and place what we are looking for. It is our hands. He is the giver of creative and transformative energy. He rules over mantras and divine words. He is also the source of the reproductive energy of all beings and most of them Worshiped in the great Vedic mantra ‘Gayatri’.


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