The birth time rectification

Good predictions come from the accurate timing of the birth chart and accurate ‘Varga’ chart.

Sometimes a person does not even know the time of his birth. It can be said that he was born between 1st and 2nd, at which time an astrologer has to work on two Lagna charts simultaneously and when the Lagna is verified. Then the work of fixing the ‘Varga’ chart is done.

There are so many methods for time correction, like ‘Tattva Shodhana’, Nadi Jyotish, and others, I have used the method given by our revered Guruji Shree KN Rao using ‘Varga’ chart and past life events.

[Our respected Guruji Shri K.N. By Rao The best way to do time correction is by Kundli and Varga Correction.]

rectification is the event-based correction of the horoscope.

In this method, an astrologer must concentrate on the 16 workers mentioned by the sage Parashara, as well as the time periods during which the ascendant of this Vargas changes

short video about birth time rectification

the case 1

The time of birth of the person is between 2:30 am to 3:00 am, there is no problem of change of Taurus ascendant, but in such a situation the Navamsa is changing, now let us see from which Navamnsha the incident of her life is being justified.

Three Navamsa charts will be formed in a half-hour period. 

First Makar Navamsa, second Kumbh Navamsa and third Pisces Navamsa.

Jatika’s father was a government officer and before marriage, she was a bit shy, hesitant to meet people or express herself. Married with a simple economic condition man but got a broad-minded husband, who encouraged her to pursue, in this condition navmansa chart must be better then Lagna chart .  [there was a financial problem for two to three years of marriage, then gradually the economic condition began to improve, and today lives a good lifestyle. After marriage, her personality has significantly improved, and she has a good relationship with her husband.]

Jatika is married in march 1992 Jupiter Rahu Venus Mahadasha 

Now, let’s analyzed all three Navmansha.

As we can see, it is ‘Chhidra Dasha,’ and Saturn’s Mahadasha began in October 1992. Saturn is in the 8th house in Makar Navamsa, and it indicates problems after marriage in the 19 years of Shani Mahadasha. As a result, this Navamsha does not fit anywhere.

So now it has to be decided whether the Aquarius Navmansha fits or whether the Pisces Navmnsha fits.

She has a daughter who was born in July 1993 in Sat-Sat-mercury since the Saptvansha[d7] was not changed in both the time period and the childbirth justified the d7 chart now back to navmansha[d9]

Jupiter Rahu Venus Dasha for marriage, justified by both the Navamsa Aquarius and Pisces. Now let’s check the childbirth.

as Saturn placed in 11 house aspect in 5th house Kendra to Jupiter justified childbirth but the placement of Saturn in Kumbha navamsa in 7th house and in a Pisces Navamsa in the sixth house which show some obstacle.

Jupiter Saturn PAC connection not only in Lagna chart but also in D 7 chart the Jupiter karaka of abundance karaka of childbirth and marriage also.

If we look closely at the Navamsa, we can see that in Aquarius, the third level Dasha is Mercury, the lord of the fifth house, is located in the eighth house, but it is, its own exalted zodiac, on which Jupiter Venus aspects, and the eighth house also indicates the relation of past karmic relation Jupiter Venus mercury in 1 -7th axis to each other highly benefic. She is deeply attached to her daughter, and the birth of a daughter not only improves her life but also brings prosperity to her home, which appears to be more appropriate by the Kumbh Navamsa rather than Pisces Navmansa.

I found Kumbh Navamsa more appropriate.

case 2

The time of birth was 1:35 pm. corrected time is  1:37 pm. The ascendant and D7 charts remain unchanged, only the correction of the Navamsa chart.

Born in the Vishaka Nakshatra constellation and the lord of it, Jupiter in the sixth house with Saturn and the ninth house and the tenth lord Shani in the sixth house formed Dharmadhipati Karmadhipati Yoga, although this planet is in a planetary war that reduces the power of auspicious yoga, the person Good in writing, the fifth lord  Sun and the third lord mercury placed in the ninth house.

prominent Mercury in d9 and d10 chart makes the person, good in astrology give the stills to penetrate planetary combination and find out the result .he got the Dasha order Jupiter Saturn Mercury respectively right now going through Mercury Mahadasha.

His Saturn Dasha has been struggling and he has got success in

Mercury Dasha. He is not married yet, now let us see which Navamsha it fits with.

7th Lord Venus which is the natural significator of marriage placed in the 8th house the house of an obstacle, the baggage of past Karmic account aspected by Saturn and also the receiving the energy of 6th house so problem appeared in the Lagna chart.

Now come to the Navamsa chart.

at 1:35 p.m. time, Venus went to the 7th house Aquarius sign Kendra to Jupiter and aspected by own Lord Saturn, behalf of which prediction was given that he would marry in 2013, which did not occur.

the 2 minutes time correction Virgo Navamsa rise, sixth house of the Lagna chart 6th house indicates the struggle, day to day karma and health issue.

In this Virgo, Navmansa Venus entered the 6th house and was aspected by the 6th Lord Saturn. Saturn reduces the quality of the planet and indicates that the person must exert more effort in relation to the particular significator of the planet and house.

In Leo d9, 7th Lord Saturn entered the 10th House with Jupiter, strengthening the quality of the 7th, and in Virgo Navamsa, 7th Lord Mars entered the eighth house,

The presence of the lord of the 7th in the 8th indicates obstruction and hindrance in the fulfillment of his desire.

So a 2-3 minute difference changes the Varga chart, and the prediction total is either different or incorrect. Time correction is a time-consuming and tedious task that requires an astrologer to analyze two charts with different timings at the same time.


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