Love, lust, crush or attraction [1]

When we are in love, there is some kind of attraction or some kind of sensation felt inside us, some kind of hormone is also responsible for that. like dopamine and oxytocin although the feeling of love is often not permanent.

now we understand through the planets and our ongoing Dasha that when a person experiences love and attraction in life, the level of dopamine in his/her life increases, as We all know that when the level of dopamine in our body increases there is happiness, the theme of love attracts people of all ages.

people also want to know what kind of love a person will feel in their life, Whether it will lift you up or be a disaster for you, cause deep pain, or will it happen on a very simple level is determined by the combination of your Ascendant and Ascendant Nakshatra.

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Why first Ascendant, because it represents this body of yours, your soul expresses itself through this human body, whatever you will experience in life, you will do through this body and the senses.

After that, we should look at Chandra Kundli and Moon’s Nakshatra, and then we should look at the position and combination of Venus and Mars, along with 3,7 11th house which tells us about the quality of love and relationship, so I’ll explain it all.

If the ongoing Dasha of the person is related to this combination, then the person experiences love in his/her life.

It depends on your planetary position whether it will last a long time, a short time, or just a crush.

Some people want to know when their love life will begin, while others want to know if their ex will return to their life or not if they will be separated.


Why first Ascendant, because it represents this body of yours, your soul expresses itself through this human body, whatever you will experience in life, you will do through this body and the senses.

case 1

What this chart show does she experience love in this life or not stability show in a relationship or not 

It clearly shows that the exalted Ascendant lord Mercury is in conjunction with three planets (11th, 12th, 9th, and 2nd lord) and is receiving the aspect of the 5th lord Saturn, so her Ascendant clearly shows.

She began the Rahu dasha, which is in the fifth house, in Shravan Nakshatra, with the lord of the ascendant in the ascendant, when she was 18 years old. So after the age of 18, the coming of love life in her age really shows, now it will stay for a short time or will be long lasting, for that we have to see the position of 5th lord Saturn, Saturn in 4th house in enemy sign getting aspected from Mars It is visible that her love relationship will not belong it will be broken due to any fight will be broken due to quarrel.

Now we look at through moon as its show your emotion and its receiver it assimilates the energy of other planets 

Because the moon mirrors your emotions and acts as a receiver, it absorbs the energy of other planets, we can now see through it.

Because the Moon is in the ascendant with the lord of the ascendant, which is also the tenth lord, this indicates that the Moon is involved in Raj Yoga and is also creating a good Dhan Yoga, but we are discussing the happiness and sadness that comes from love. Saturn being aspected by Mars indicates a breakup, but the Moon being strong in the Sun’s constellation, being with the Sun gives the person the strength to get out of misery quickly, the Moon has gone to Pisces in Navash, it is enough from within. Being both emotional and powerful makes a person generous.

Moon with exalted Mercury makes the person witty 

Now we examine Venus Mars and its conjunction.  the debilitated sign of Venus but  the Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga canceled the debilitation because with Mercury and Moon and getting the aspect of Saturn it reduces the sexual desire in  Love may prefer emotional bonding 

The fourth house is afflicted; it indicates the area of your heart; it is the house of Cancer in the horoscope of Kaal Purush; it indicates a lack of emotional connection; however, when the Moon and Moon are strong, people will be drawn to such people. . And such people recover quickly from their emotional trauma.

She was married in March 2015, with Shani’s navamsa Lagna and the presence of benefic planets in the Kendra from Saturn in the constellation of Venus justify the fact that, after having a child in 2017, harmony with her husband began to dry up. Their mutual divorce took place in December 2021, I have discussed all these parameters in the beginning.

It’s not love if it’s destroying you.

In the Mahadasha of Guru, she may experience the quality of love.

Will post more about this topic soon with different examples respectively.

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