Mars and Venus[Love Lust Attraction 2 ]

Mars and Venus share a neutral relation to each other. Mars denotes passion and Venus signifies love.

The Moon, Mars, and Venus all play important roles in love and attraction, as the brain and face are represented by Aries and Taurus in Kaal Purush’s horoscope, respectively, while the reproductive organs are represented by Libra and Scorpio, which represent Venus and Mars. As a result, Venus and Mars have a significant impact on love attraction.

The moon is a sense, emotions, and mind.


and now I’m going to describe its karaka planets and how their combination with the moon affects the quality of love and attraction.

case 1

Angelina Jolie’s chart, for example, the celebrity charts, is simple to understand because their lives and romantic lives are publicly exposed, and the quality of their love lives is determined by how well their ongoing Dasha is. What does this have to do with the dignity of love, the conjunction with the 5th house, and the moon’s position?





At 14, she had her first boyfriend move in with her at her mother’s house. She began body-cutting in order to “feel something emotionally

She was going through Ketu Shukra Dasha at the time. Ketu in Kritika Nakshatra had a fiery nature, and the dignity of Ketu in Navamsa and Dasamsa charts was not good, and Mercury with Rahu in Navamsa clearly showed confusion and illusion in her mind.

This pattern shifts when the Ketu-Mars Dasha begins, and Mars and Moon conjunct with Jupiter, and Moon and Jupiter in the house of destiny bestow her with knowledge and Mars devotes all of her energy to her career.

So Venus brought love into her life but the combination is not good in Navmansa shows the quality of love.

Her Shukra Mahadasha began when she was 21 when Venus was in the Ascendant and obtaining Jupiter’s aspect; Venus definitely signifies top level in career and love life with a topmost person, In Navamsa and Dasaamsha, Venus is strongly placed in the ascendant, indicating that her name would attain worldwide fame. It reflects all of Mahadashanath’s promises. And Venus in ascendent in Pushya  Nakshatra .

[Pushya Nakshatra if getting good aspect makes a person generous, she has been involved in many humanitarian works].

In June 2000, she married Billy Bob Thornton, four times divorced and 19 years older,

The water signs are full of emotion, as indicated by the Moon-Venus tringle from each other in both the Lagna and Navamsa, though their marriage is short-lived, as Saturn in the 12th house in the Purvashu Nakshatra.[One of the qualities of Punarvasu Nakshatra is that if something gets out of hand, one tries again for it.]

She also continued her obsession with blood and tattoos[shown this obsession by Rahu mercury in navmansa]

Mars Moon conjunct with Triangle from Venus makes a person a passionate lover and seductive beauty. Brad Pitt seemed to be Angelina Jolie’s constant companion since his marriage with Jennifer Aniston ended

2005 to 2016 

That time Venus Jupiter Dasha was running the 9th lord Dasha 1-7 axis in Navmansha 9 house lord in Dashmansha chart not only gives her stable relationship but made her superstar here obsession tern into wisdom though she already worldwide known person 

[In 1996, she married actor Jonny Lee Miller, age 24,

In June 2000, she married Billy Bob Thornton

Brad Pitt seemed to be Angelina Jolie’s constant companion]

Her passionate love life with Lee Miller, then Billy Bob came into her life, passionate Love Then Marry Then Divorce, but a steady love affair with Brad Pitt lasted for a long time, during which time she was going through Venus Jupiter Dasha because of Triangle Dasha, proved the quality of the relationship. It also elevates the individual’s living standards.

Her love life was always passionate, but her marriage did not last long because their seventh lord Shani was in the twelfth house and receiving the Mars aspect breakup causes.

The Moon, Karma’s Seed, and the Manifestation of New Karmic Patterns The gravity of karma pulls us into certain situationsIf the ascendant has a strong association with the 5th and 9th houses, the person will reap the benefits of their previous good deeds, and prosperity will come easily in this birth.


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