Venus-Mars-Saturn conjunction brings fanaticism.

The Hijab Debate in Karnataka

even as we advance scientifically, what issues do we prioritize? It is worth considering whether this case is a spill,

Is this an indication is a glimpse that Mars and Saturn will have conjunction on February 26th, which is not considered good because it is formed in the ninth house of India’s foundation chart, which brings riots, conflicts, and vengeance energy into the atmosphere?

Before any event occurs or when an outer planet [Mars, Jupiter, Saturn] is formed, some things start coming to the surface.

The Shani-Mars conjunction will take place from February 26 to April 6, with a difficult period when Saturn and Mars are at close degrees, but things will start to ease down once Venus joins Jupiter.

But it will create a kind of seed

However, because Saturn will return to Capricorn after joining Aquarius, many things that are still suppressed, or are going on secretly, or to cause any destruction will be sown. That event is being planned, and it will be revealed.


Because this conjunction occurs in the ninth house of the India Foundation chart, which is the house of law and regulation as well as Dharma, the Shani-Mars conjunction begets fanaticism and stubbornness in society.

It makes no difference who belongs to which religion; religion should never be a hindrance in the path of development, education, and progress, and youth are an easy means for some people; by brainwashing them, the youth group is also quickly agitated. 

Some people take advantage of youth by provoking them

This type of combination occurs several times a year, sometimes less strongly, sometimes more powerfully, and when the effect of malefic planets intensifies, we frequently hear of acts of violence and natural disasters in society and in the country.

This time is difficult for India because Moon and Mercury Dasha are going on the chart of India, and Mercury is weak in the other Varga chart, so it will also affect the prestige of India, instead of fuelling the issue, it is necessary to deal with it wisely.

When an outer planet aligns with another, it has an impact on the country’s society and economy, as well as what is going on in our planetary Dasha in the horoscope and what impacts it has on us personally, which I will discuss in my next post.

We are all subtly affected by the transits of planets and in the same way, human beings touch different dimensions of development facing different situations

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